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How To Adjust Torque On Air Impact Wrench?

Adjusting the torque of an air impact wrench is an important issue for any tool guy. Not just doing it, rather doing it at the right measure is a critical factor for doing any task with the tool perfectly. An air impact wrench is a very handy tool when it comes to the fact of intense workload and constant supply of service. The air impact tool is mandatory in any industry or auto repair shop for its work efficiency, fast delivery, and lesser time consumption to do the task.

Adjusting the torque may need sufficient knowledge but not the ultimate expertise to complete the job. You don’t necessarily have to be an air impact wrench expert to just adjust the torque. You can do that as a newbie as well. All you need is the right guideline to follow.

In this article, we’re showing the exact simple way of adjusting torque on your air impact gun in simple steps so that you can do it on your own. Also, the article includes some related frequently asked questions that may quench your queries regarding the topic and related matters. So, stay tuned for the information that may be needed for your present project or maybe the next.

How to Adjust Torque on Air Impact Wrench?

An impact gun is necessary for fast removing and tightening of nuts and bolts. To do that, you need an adjusted torque. Most air impact guns out there require an optimal PSI 90/6.3 bars. In the following steps, the guideline for adjusting the air impact gun’s torque is given.

Stage 1- Regulating Line Air Pressure


Step 1: In the first step, the first thing to do is turn on the air compressor. Allow it to reach its shutoff pressure.

Step 2: In the very next step, use an air hose to attach the impact wrench to the air compressor.

Step 3: Adjust the air pressure regulator to a reduced flow of air.

Stage 2- Adjust Torque Level

The air impact tool has various points of regulation to be operated on the required measure. The regulatory key might have three to five points depending on the advancement of the tool.


Step 1: You have to attach the air regulator to the pneumatic wrench.

Step 2: Now, attach the air hose to the air regulator.

Step 3: After attaching it to the air regulator, adjust the regulator to the required torque level. The impact guns have a dedicated torque control point or regulator. Adjust according to the requirements.

Now you have the adjusted torque on the air impact wrench.

Tools you’ll need to do the job:

  1. Air compressor
  2. Air hose
  3. Air impact wrench


  • One should avoid removing or tightening rusty nuts and bolts using an air impact wrench.
  • Do not exceed or reduce the recommended pressure. It may cause irreplaceable damage to the tool.
  • Always wear appropriate safety gear- goggles, face shield, gloves, etc. to avoid any accidental events.

Tips on Adjusting Torque on Air Impact Wrench

1. Always make sure that the air impact wrench is properly lubricated. This will help to prevent damage to the tool and increase its lifespan.

2. Use the correct size socket for the air impact wrench. Using a socket that is too small can damage the tool and cause it to break.

3. Make sure that the air pressure is set correctly. Too much air pressure can damage the air impact wrench and cause it to break.

4. Use the correct size air hose for the air impact wrench. Using a hose that is too small can damage the tool and cause it to break.

5. Always make sure that the air impact wrench is properly secured before use. This will help to prevent the tool from becoming damaged or broken during use.


What’s an Air Impact Wrench?

An air impact wrench is a tool used for providing high torque output with the least amount of effort given by the user. For an air impact wrench, the power source is compressed air. It is also known as an impactor, air gun, air wrench, or impact wrench.

The impact gun is commonly used for industrial purposes as well as general purposes. It is mainly used for auto repair, construction projects, heavy equipment maintenance, product assembly, and many other sectors where a high torque output is required. The pneumatic impact gun requires a 3½ “ drive for large production, and a small ½” drive for relatively small disassembly and assembly.

Which Is Better: Electric or Air Impact Wrench?

The power demand of a pneumatic impact wrench is less than an electric impact wrench. Additionally, the air impact gun doesn’t heat up during use and they don’t have the chance to give an electric shock to the user. However, you need an air compressor to supply the necessary compressed air to the air impact wrench and you need to have a power connection to run the air compressor. So, a pneumatic impact wrench is great for intensive uses.

Compared to an Impact Driver, Is an Air Impact Wrench More Preferable?

In case of supplying more torque, an air impact wrench is preferable to an impact driver. It also can adjust larger tool bits than impact drivers. Therefore, in heavy industries, a pneumatic impact gun is always a better option than an impact driver.

How Much Torque Does an Air Impact Wrench Have?

An air impact gun may have a minimum of 22 feet-pound torque to a maximum of 3000 feet-pound torque. The amount of torque depends on the size of the drive a particular air impact wrench has. Therefore, different sizes of nuts and bolts need different torque levels to assemble and disassemble.

How Much Torque Should I Have?

Different tasks need different torque levels to adjust the nuts and bolts. It’s not recommended to perform all the tasks at the same torque level. Moreover, the forward and reverse torque has different levels of adjustment to a particular task.


We hope this article was helpful to find your answer regarding the fact of adjusting the torque of an air impact wrench. However, you may need to find the right air pressure and adjusted the torque level to get the job done perfectly.

However, never forget to put on safety goggles when working in a risky environment. Also, you can wear a face shield as an additional safety measure. Put on the gloves before starting the work. Always take adequate safety precautions while working with the power tools and be extra careful during the whole work process. Wishing you a great working day ahead!

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