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Best 13-Pound Bowling Balls For A Better Game!

It’s true that having a good ball won’t turn you into a beast in the field. But, it will surely help you to improve your game. It will significantly increase your bowling skills. Although hard work, passion, and dedication make a good bowler, there’s always a big impact from the bowling ball. No one can deny it. If you go into the market without proper research, you will get overwhelmed by the array of bowling balls around you.

This is the reason we’re here! This guide will assist you to choose out the best 13-pounds bowling ball available on the market. One thing is all of these balls are going to value your time and investment. Bowling balls always come with different features. The same story goes with the 13-pound bowling ball. Here, we’ll discuss the top 6 13-pound bowling balls. Let’s begin the conversion.

6 Best 13-Pound Bowling Balls – Reviews

Yes, a bowling ball perhaps doesn’t make you a great bowler. But, it still has a great effect on your game. Here, we’ll have a deep discussion on the best 13-pound bowling ball in 2021 – Review. Let’s jump – 

1. Storm Pitch Black Solid Urethane Bowling Ball

Storm Pitch Black Solid Urethane Bowling Ball

Coverstock: Control Solid Urethane
Weight Block: Capacitor Core
Factory Finish: 1000-grit Pad
Brand: Storm

Storm has experience in the bowling industry for nearly three decades. They know better what to do, what you expect. Storm’s Pitch Black is such a valuable addition to their thunder line. It is capable of doing well literally in all kinds of lane conditions. The new Pitch Black Solid Urethane has every quality you are asking for in a 13-pound bowling ball. 

There’s a capacitor core in this ball. This core supplies this ball with powerful delivery. Although it does well in all lanes, it is superb for lighter and shorter oil conditions. The overall durability, consistency of this ball is beyond words. 

The control solid urethane coverstock gives this ball super hardness. Further, the black color with the logo gives it a cool look. There’s no fragrance in the ball. This ball is fantastic for various bowling styles. 

Hard-hitting bowling ball
Works well in all kinds of lanes, especially in medium oil lanes
Very consistent
Built with high-class materials
Extra-long pin

Very dark black color
Maintenance is needed

2. Storm Axiom Pearl Bowling Ball

Storm Axiom Pearl Bowling Ball

Coverstock: NeX Solid Reactive
Weight Block: Orbital Core
Factory Finish: 2000-grit Abralon
Brand: Storm

This is a very powerful, coherent bowling ball. The style of the ball is truly ecstatic and the color is illuminated. Besides, the eye-popping appearance of the Axiom Pearl ball is highly appreciated by everyone. The ball’s dynamics are based on physics and motions. 

Moreover, the weight block of the ball is the orbital core. This core is the main instigator behind the ball’s strong delivery. In this ball, the core and cover’s synergistic bond give the proper balance. On the other hand, the NeX Solid Reactive coverstock provides enough enhancement to every angle of the game. 

This is one of the best hitter balls and it comes with a color mixture of red/blue/black. The ball is definitely worth the investment. It is cleaner and sappier than the original Axiom. This is the next generation of Pearl and it won’t disappoint you. 

The coverstock is a real deal
Orbital core helps it to give a powerful delivery
The color and design of the ball is enchanting
One of the biggest hooking hardest balls of modern times
Sturdy ball

Weight distribution is not that good
Doesn’t supply consistent performance

3. Hammer Black Widow Bowling Ball

Hammer Black Widow Bowling Ball

Coverstock: Aggression Solid
Weight Block: Orbital Core
Factory Finish: 2000-grit Abralon
Brand: Hammer

Hammer Black Widow has a cousin called Hammer Gold Widow. Just like the cous, it is one of the cardinal choices in today’s bowling market. This is certainly one of the highly-rated medium to heavy oil bowling balls for professionals. While the gold version is newer, the black version is quite old and got wide recognition in the bowling world. 

The carbon fiber outer core makes the ball super sturdy. But, the weight is 13 pounds. So, this ball isn’t too suitable for newbies. They could struggle with it. This is a very strong and expensive ball. Most top-notch pros are looking for this ball. 

Furthermore, the 13-pound balls feature a symmetric core. Black Widow Hammer is actually meant for medium to heavy oil lanes. The strong backend allows the bowlers to achieve an exact striking angle. Hence, the balance of the product is splendid. This ball is so durable, has a great finishing, and comes with 3-years of warranty. If you have a plan to step up in your bowling, this dark legend is the real deal. 

One of the best for medium to heavy oil lanes
Supremely strong
The finishing is great
High performance for professional bowlers
Strong backend
The design and look are so glossy.

Not for beginners

4. Columbia 300 Beast Hybrid 13lb Bowling Ball

Columbia 300 Beast Hybrid 13lb Bowling Ball

Coverstock: Bend-it hybrid
Weight Block: Orbital Core
Factory Finish: 500 siaair, crown factory compound, crown factory polish
Brand: Columbia 300

An orbital core with a bend-it hybrid coverstock is going to ensure you will get a great game when you will use the Columbia 300 Bear Hybrid 13lb Bowling Ball. This ball is meant for medium to heavy type oil condition lanes. The ball is generally designed to go far. After that, it finishes with a powerful backend reaction. 

Hence, this ball is so perfect for beginners. If you are a starter in the bowling department, then this ball can assist you a lot. It is a superb ball for league players and the part-time bowlers who usually like to play just for fun. 

The hook of the ball is too good. Moreover, the finishing of the ball will allow you to wipe away the excess oil from the ball. Apart from the beginners, it could serve very well to the professional bowlers. 

Versatile ball
Good for medium to heavy oil lanes
Perfect for beginners
Finishing helps to wipe away the extra oil
Fabolous entry angles and magnetic colors

Less durable
Won’t send as much rather of hooking

5. Motiv Venom Recoil 13lb

Motiv Venom Recoil 13lb

Coverstock: Coercion MFS Reactive
Weight Block: Orbital Core
Factory Finish: 500 siaair, crown factory compound, crown factory polish
Brand: Motiv

Are you dreaming of getting a ball that contains a lot of hooks? Well, no need to worry. Motiv Venom Recoil 13lb is here to serve you. The 13lb ball is one of the most popular balls in the bowling market. The enthralling features and superior advantages are the main reason behind it. 

Further, the coercion MFS reactive makes an effective coverstock. The core is Gear APG(Asymmetric Performance Gain). This is an asymmetric core to the Venom line. The backend is also sturdy and it can carry out a lot of pins. 

On the other hand, Motiv Venom Recoil always performs so well in medium-heavy oil conditions. This ball produces traction. Traction is important to carry out the game smoothly. Meanwhile, the coverstock is superbly finished with 4000 Grit LSS

Elegant looking
Very effective coverstock
Perform well in medium-heavy oil conditions
High-performance bowling ball
Great backend on oily alleys
It is asymmetrical.

Not so durable
Doesn’t work much for pro’s

6. Roto Grip UFO Alert 13lb

Roto Grip UFO Alert 13lb

Coverstock: e-Trax Hybrid Reactive
Weight Block: Orbital Core
Factory Finish: 1500-grit Polished
Brand: Storm

With the Roto Grip UFO Alert 13lb, you’ll get the e-Trax Hybrid Reactive finished coverstock. The bowling ball will slide through medium to heavy oil. It can perform well in various lane conditions. Hence, the E.T core makes it friction-resistant. The 1500-grit polished finishing shapes it into a highly durable and sturdy material. 

The overall design and color of the ball are so sophisticated. It also hooks nicely while it works so well in various playing styles. There are many options of color. You can choose whatever you want. You will get great control over the game through this ball. 

Works well in medium oil lanes
Work well in various playing styles
Give good control over the game
1-year warranty
Sturdy and powerful
Nice design

Fewer weight options
Doesn’t work well in dry lanes

Our Choice for “Best 13-Pound Bowling Ball”

Our top choice for the best 13-pound bowling ball is Storm Pitch Black Solid Urethane Bowling Ball. It is a nearly perfect ball. Further, it suits well with almost all ages. The color, design, workability, hardness, durability – everything is so good. Therefore, our first priority is Storm Pitch Black. 

Best 13-Pound Bowling Ball Buying Guide

If you want to buy a perfect 13-pound ball, you have to learn some things. Otherwise, there’s a big chance you could buy the wrong one. It will effectively have a negative impact on your bowling method and your skill will get downgraded consistently. Here, we’ll talk about the buying guide of the best 13-pound bowling ball. Check it out – 

1. Weight

Weight is a very important matter before buying a 13lb ball. Most professionals and coaches always say that your ball should be at least 10 percent of the overall weight of your body. It generally helps a bowler to get more control over the ball. So, the bowler can ball easily and without any hassle. Hence, if you drill the ball according to your specs, then you can add one or two more pounds with the ball later. 

So, before buying a 13-pound ball, make sure that you can control it very easily and you don’t have to carry extra weight. You just have to be smart during the purchase. That’s it. 

2. Coverstock

The overall impact of a ball in medium or heavy-oil conditions heavily depends on coverstock. Best 13lb bowling balls for oily conditions depend on it due to the hook. Now, what’s actually coverstock? It is the outer space surface of a ball. This surface always touches the lane whilst rolling. 

There are three types of coverstock. They are – 1. Plastic Coverstock, 2. Urethane Coverstock, 3. Reactive Resin Coverstock.

Plastic Coverstock mainly works in the drier lanes. It is mostly used in comparatively lightweight balls. 

The Urethane Coverstock is used in beginner-level balls. They are superb for predictable hook and pin strikes. 

On the other side, reactive resin coverstock is used to create various abrasions on the lane. This type of coverstock is usable for any lane.  

3. Drilling The Ball

Most of the balls come pre-drilled. However, if you are a beginner in bowling, then we are recommending you to use an undrilled ball. You’ll learn thoroughly. Moreover, if you’re a beginner, you can’t drill the ball according to your needs. The reason is you won’t have a proper idea how to drill the ball in a proper way and you can even get hurt while drilling it. 

Drilling a 13lb ball isn’t that an easy task. That’s why most bowlers take the help of the drilling experts. This is the way you can perfect a ball’s accuracy. There are many bowling shops which give the drilling service for free. One thing is that you have to do the custom drilling after purchasing a ball. It will provide the best experience indeed. 

4. Durability

The high-quality material balls generally last for a long time. Before purchasing a 13lb ball, please check out this article of ours and see closely the specs and product review. We think you’ll have a good idea about this. 

If you take good care of your ball, we can assure it will last long. You can also check out the warranty period of a ball to get a better idea of this. 

5. Lane Condition

Before purchasing, it is very important to understand the overall situation of a lane. There are so many balls that are custom-made. Those brands are interested in making balls considering different types of lane conditions. In the dry-type lane, pearl and other solid-covered balls are most suitable.

On the other side, in medium or heavy-oily lanes, poly-urethane coverstock is used by the brands while ensuring good control over the ball. 

6. Price

This is another huge consideration. There’s no way to ignore it. Normally, the bowling ball’s price range differs from 50$ to 350$. It’s true that expensive balls are always better. More quality demands more price. But, one thing is that there are some exceptional balls that don’t meet every skill level. Therefore, it will be a smart job to list out your requirements and meet the one that follows these criteria. 

7. Looks

This isn’t an important matter for the most professional bowlers in the world. They don’t care about it. However, if you’re a beginner, then, it will surely have a big influence on you. The eye-glossing look will motivate you to do better. 

Furthermore, you will hear a lot of nice compliments. All of these things will definitely increase your confidence. Contrariwise, a ball with a unique look and design is relatively easy to find out as your own. So, looks really matter, isn’t it??

8. The Core

There are multiple core options. However, three options are mostly used in the ball. These options are – the pancake cores, the symmetrical cores, and the asymmetrical ones

The pancake cores are used in the balls that are generally built for amateurs. This core helps the newbies to control the ball quite easily. It also gives a smooth rolling experience which doesn’t need too much complicated technique. 

Elsewhere, the symmetrical cores are much more sophisticated. They are balanced and bowlers need a lot of practice to control them in different lanes. These cores also provide a lot of rolls. These cores are dependable on the drilling. They can’t work out in an undrilled ball. 

In addition, the most advanced core is the asymmetrical core. They are the newest contribution in the bowling industry. It can create a great angular motion whilst supplying more control over the ball. These cores are the main instigator behind the hooking of a bowling ball. 

9. USBC-Approved Bowling Balls

The major percentage of modern balls are actually USBC(United States Bowling Congress)-Approved. This clearly indicated that these balls are completely ready for professional competitions. If you are not a professional player, then these criteria won’t affect you much. 

However, if you’re thinking of playing in major competitions, this measurement is a must. A USBC bowling ball will have to be perfectly balanced and weighted. In order to find out about it, you can take the ball to an expert. 

Bowling Ball Cleaning and Maintenance

Your ball can last a long long period if you can take good care of it. You need to conduct a few steps to keep the ball in good shape. Let’s take a look at those steps. 

1. Bowling Ball Cleaner

After coming from the lane, clean the ball perfectly with a ball cleaner. A ball cleaner can take out all the scratches, residue, and heavy oil from the ball. When performing the process, the ball cleaner also keeps up the shape of the outer surface. 

You can find multiple ball cleaners in today’s market. Moreover, you can also make your own cleaner if you wish to do so. Make a blend of alcohol, water, and cleaning fluid. Take a big bucket and put all these things on it. A perfect ball cleaner will be made. 

But, we will recommend you to purchase a ball cleaner. It will be the best decision and economical too. 

2. Bowling Ball Polish

Always try to polish your ball on a regular basis. It will extend the lifespan of a bowling ball. Further, it will keep the ball shiny and glossy. Polishing is important if you spin your ball frequently. 

3. Bowling Ball Sanding Agent

Just use the sandpaper to sanitize the ball. It will get neat and clean. 

4. Towels and Polishing Pads

The towels and polishing pads have huge importance over a ball. First, take a microfiber towel. Wet the towel with water. Now, clean up the ball thoroughly. Remove all the oil and grime from it and make it completely dirt free. 

You should use the towel regularly to clean all the dirt from the ball. Otherwise, the ball will lose its hardness by getting affected by the dirt. But, it would be best if you read the instructions before using the towel. 

5. Top Bowling Ball Brands

High and low quality – this is the very simple yet important criteria for any industry. The bowling industry is no different. When it comes to the matter of selecting the bowling ball, it would be good if you choose to purchase a ball from a well-known industry. 

Storm is a brand that has been in this art for nearly four decades. They’ve got enough knowledge and experience in this field. Therefore, Storm balls are highly appreciated by most critics and professional bowlers.

Brunswick and Ebonite are other two names that have got a huge reputation in this arena.


1. How often am I supposed to clean my ball?

The heavy oil and dirt can seep over the ball whilst making the ball degrade and less shiny. This is the reason you have to clean your ball on a regular basis. 

2. How are balls delivered?

They are safely packed with strict packets. You don’t have to worry about it. All you need to do is unpack it safely. 

Final Thoughts

When you’re searching for a 13-pound bowling ball, you have to keep in mind what materials the ball is made of? The ingredients, coverstock, and core are the three most important criteria you should look for if you really want to get the desired results. We’ve tried to supply you with adequate knowledge on how to get the best ball of 13 pounds. Further, we are hoping that you’ll be benefitted from our discussion. 

We are also wishing best of luck to you. If you have any more queries regarding our discussion, you can ask in the comment box. Thank you!

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