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Best Bearing Pullers In 2022

If you are dealing with equipment and mechanical gears, there is a huge chance you will end up tackling bearings and bolts. Unsettling a tight bearing from the joint can be excruciatingly painful and difficult. This is where a bearing puller comes in handy if you have one. 

For vehicle owners, it is crucial to have a bearing puller set to pull out the bearings from several parts of a car. A person working in a garage or a workshop will also need such tools to make their labour hassle-free. Not having a bearing puller will certainly make your task difficult. 

Why not get one instead? Today we will be talking about the best bearing pullers available on the market so that your intricate work is undisrupted. 

Top 3 Pick

1. YOTOO Bearing Pullers Set 5 Ton Capacity, Bearing Separator Kit
2. Orion Motor Tech 14 in 1 Bearing Puller Set, 5-Ton-Capacity Bearing Separator
3. Shankly 5 Ton Capacity Bearing Pullers, Bearing Puller Set and Bearing Separator Kit

List of 8 Best Bearing Pullers

1. Orion Motor Tech Blind Hole Collet Bearing Race and Seal Puller Extractor Kit

Orion Motor Tech Blind Hole Collet Bearing Race and Seal Puller Extractor Kit

Do you have to deal with complex bushings, wheel bearings, axles and such items? Don’t make a mess out of it while you are working. Orion Motor Tech has the right tool for you. This piece of the instrument has to be the ultimate pick. Removing tightly jammed components can be made easier with the Orion Motor Tech extractor kit.

Carrying the whole kit is completely hassle-free. It is very portable, comes with a carrying case. You can take this anywhere you prefer to work. For bigger work in an outdoor scenario, this portable kit will be your best friend in need. If you are into DIY projects, this seal puller extractor will work like butter to make sure your project is a success. Not only that, this wonderful collection of instruments is well suited for heavy-duty professional work as well. 

We like this unit for its collective range of inserts. You will get up to 10 different split collects, 1 sliding hammer, 3 screw adapters, 1 U shape wheel bearing puller and 1 spare pin bolt along with the casing. The functionality is super easy, you can use it with ease and simplicity. Just put on the collect, that befits your work and let it work magic. This is one of the most compatible sets of tools you will find in the market. 

The durability of these bearing pullers is second to none. The collects made of chrome-molybdenum steel make sure the tools are completely corrosion resistant and powerful enough to bear through tough bearings. 

●    Heavy-duty tool box
●    Easy to store and take anywhere
●    Compatibility
●    For both DIYers and professionals
●    Ease of use
●   Durability
●    Affordable
●    Might need an adapter to fit some bolts

2. YOTOO Bearing Pullers Set 5 Ton Capacity, Bearing Separator Kit

YOTOO Bearing Pullers Set 5 Ton Capacity, Bearing Separator Kit

This product from Yotoo is a stellar bearing separator kit through and throughout. If you work on a construction site, automobile garage or any other place where you go through heavy-duty tasks, this bearing separator kit will have your back no matter what. Even if you are into DIY, these tools are going to make things look easy for you. Starters and professionals around the world have been giving this product the positive thumbs up. So what are you waiting for? 

Suitable for smaller jobs to large scale works this bearing puller kit has everything that will last for ages. If problems persist, you can always have it checked out or replaced as you get a 1-year warranty from the manufacturer. 

You will get a multitude of tools inside the kit. Up to 12 different shapes and sizes of items to suffice your needs. These can be worked separately or can be used in combinations with other products as well, giving you the flexibility and upper hand in tough situations. The bar puller and legs will make sure you can pick out the toughest of bearing on the job. 

We are in awe of this product because it is a complete toolbox for any kind of work. No matter your task or how skilled you are, anyone can have a crack at it and work with satisfaction. The built quality is another thing that makes it one of the best bearing puller sets. The rugged drop forged construction with heat treated components gives it a significantly powerful stature. 

●    Long-lasting sturdy bearing puller tool
●    Easy to carry, comes with a carry case
●    All in one complete toolbox
●    Suitable for various jobs
●    Best for professionals and DIYers
●   1-year warranty backup
●    Good for the money
●    The nuts are not up to the mark

3. Orion Motor Tech 14 in 1 Bearing Puller Set, 5-Ton-Capacity Bearing Separator

Orion Motor Tech 14 in 1 Bearing Puller Set, 5-Ton-Capacity Bearing Separator

Orion Motor Tech doesn’t disappoint when you are looking for hardware. As a manufacturer, they have been leading the industry for years and giving the best possible through and through. This unit from Orion is another all one tool kit. It has a 14 piece bar type gear and axle bearing separator along with push puller legs and splitters, crossbar and much more.

No matter if you are dealing with small, medium or large wheel bearings or axle shafts, you can do the best job with this tool kit. Suitable for professionals, even newbies and DIYers can work their magic in the garage or home. For indoor and outdoor activities this tool kit is a good choice. You will get a carry case, making it very portable, allowing you to take it anywhere. 

The equipment inside this puller set is made to perform rigorous jobs. The drop-forged construction and heat-treated elements further add to its strength and long-lasting capability. We can say that it is a heavy-duty tool that will last you for years to come. The components in it are universally compatible with a range of items. You can simply work on intricate axle hubs and shafts to successfully take out the bearings with ease.

The best thing about this product is that it is easy to operate. Just gotta find out what size you will be working on and pick a fitting tool from the set. They should fit and be adequate for any kind of task. 

●    Easy to operate
●    Sturdy components
●    Widely compatible
●    Portable carrying case
●    Multipurpose use
●   Value for money
●    Minor complaints about it not lasting long

4. Shankly 5 Ton Capacity Bearing Pullers, Bearing Puller Set and Bearing Separator Kit

Shankly 5 Ton Capacity Bearing Pullers, Bearing Puller Set and Bearing Separator Kit

This bearing puller from SHANKLY is a very useful tool that is capable of performing various tricky jobs. Inside the box, you will get sets of hex push puller legs, 6-inch yoke with centre adapter, 4 and 5-inch extension legs, bar type pulling head with forcing screw and all.

It has all the mechanisms you need to work your DIY projects to huge loads. Supporting a huge range of tasks, this is one important tool kit to have by your side. Professionals have been using the Shankly pullers and have been giving good reviews. 

We thought of having a tryout and let us assure you that it is amongst the best products you will get if you need a solution for your bearing task. It is one versatile instrument case that is adaptable with other tools as well, that being said it is compatible with various tools and can also work separately.

The durability and strength it offers is one commendable aspect of this item. The drop-forged construction gives it the strength you need in a puller. 

The components are heat-treated to make them more durable and long-lasting. If you plan to purchase a bearing puller kit, this item can be a decent pick. 

●    Strong and durable construction
●    Reliable tool
●    Easily movable from one place to another
●    Long-lasting set of tools
●    Versatile 
●   All in one kit
●    Great puller for the price
●    Complaints about damaged tool case and missing parts

5. Shankly Rear Axle Bearing Puller, Axle Bearing Puller

Shankly Rear Axle Bearing Puller, Axle Bearing Puller

If you are looking to work on the Axle bearings, then the Shankly tool kit is the right choice for you. Shankly has reached its heights by manufacturing high quality bearing puller sets for different purposes. This item is just another one of their effective instruments. 

It is suitable for most vehicles, and working on the axle has never been easier. If you are in a garage and looking for a convenient tool, you better have the Shankly rear axle bearing puller. With this unit, you will be able to work your way quickly and effectively. 

The puller sizes come in varying sizes, thus complementing your work. You will get sizes such as 1, 1-7/8, 1-5/16, 2-⅜, 1-⅜ to 2-⅞ variants, suitable for any given task. It comes with three different puller sizes from small, medium and large. If you are worried about fitting, then worry no further, because this product will guide you to success. 

The high-quality metal construction is what gives the units durability and longer service life. For a good price, you will be able to purchase this useful instrument. There is a case to carry the pullers with ease. So if you work having to go from one place to another, then you can conveniently carry this kit with you. 

●    Comes with varying puller sizes
●    Effective tool
●    Hardwearing design
●    Best for axle bearing pulling task
●    Great price
●   Lasts longer
●    Simple to use
●    Rare issues about not fitting some vehicle axle

6. Shankly Two Jaws Harmonic Bearing Puller and Gear Pulley Puller

Shankly Two Jaws Harmonic Bearing Puller and Gear Pulley Puller

If you have bearings tightened in a tight space and couldn’t get them out properly. Let us introduce you to the Shankly two jaws bearing puller. It is crafted in a way to dig out objects from tapered space. The range that it offers is very helpful. It can be adjusted from 1.5 inches to 3.5 inches depending on the type of job.

The way it is constructed, designed to reach smaller tight spaces and pull out bearings at ease. The good thing about this unit is that it is easy to use and the functionality is excellent. For automotive mechanics, this is an ideal puller. It can be worked for multiple tasks. From gear puller to being a wiper puller tool, this finely designed instrument fits adequately. 

The adjustable distance gives it the reach you need to hold on to anything. If you are working in a garage or even in your home, these two jaw-bearing pullers will suffice your needs. It is constructed with high-end metal which makes it durable and long-lasting in different situations. 

You don’t have to be a professional to deal with this unit. It is easy to use and can be handled by DIYers to masters in the craft. 

●    Suited for tighter spaces
●    Made of high-quality metal
●    Longer life cycle
●    Can handle different tasks
●    Small but significant
●    Sometimes need modification
●    Insufficient grip

7. Astro Pneumatic Tool 78825 25-Piece Master Front Wheel Drive Bearing Puller Removal & Installer

Astro Pneumatic Tool 78825 25-Piece Master Front Wheel Drive Bearing Puller Removal & Installer

If you are looking for a top-grade bearing pulling solution, you better look for the Astro Pneumatic tool 78825. This is one of the most durable and long-lasting tools you will find in the market. If you are a starter, then this will be more than enough to work your way through any bearings and bolts. If you are a professional, don’t worry, this kit is made for the pros. 

Right out of the box you will get 25 different components to work with. This makes it easy on any kind of workload. If working with automobiles is your task, you can perform wonders with this set of tools. Working on an industrial site, you will be at ease having this tool kit by your side. 

The compatibility of the instrument is what stands out. You can pull out and install a range of bearings, nuts and bolts. No matter how complex the task is. You can complete the task fairly easily if you carry the Astro Pneumatic bearing puller kit. Talking about durability, the hard-wearing metal components are going to endure all kinds of battering and the black phosphate coating on the upper adds to the resistance quality. These items are rustproof and will last longer than orthodox tools.   

You will get a cover to keep things in place, so taking it anywhere you are working is made much easier. 

●    Excellent tool to work on front bearings
●    Hardwearing components
●    Longer service life
●    For multipurpose use
●    Robust bearing puller
●    Utmost portability
●    Good value
●    Minor issues on missing components on online purchase
●    Not suitable for snap rings

8. Lisle 34550 Handy Packer Bearing Packer

Lisle 34550 Handy Packer Bearing Packer

When you see it for the first time you might wonder what this is. It looks like a toy but it isn’t. It is a compact and handy bearing packer with a sleek design that is pleasing to the eye. Lisle 34550 is not like orthodox units that you get in the market. 

If you are working on bearings that are greased up, you can simply handle the mess with this product. It will hold on to the socket and manage to wipe out the contaminants in seconds. This will not just take out the old grease, it will also pack grease to the objects, distribute faster than you could imagine. 

The top lid keeps it out of dirt and debris. It is easier to use and does a better job than other bearing packers. The grease fitting on the top is there to fill up the grease. Once you have the grease-filled on the bottom, put the bearing and centre it properly. Use the tool to push down on the bearing and you are done. The bearings are packed just like that and now the bearings are ready to be installed. Easy peasy!

●    Efficient bearing packer
●    Faster functionality
●    Removes contaminants
●    Systematically greases up the bearing
●    Durable
●    Simple use
●    Handy and flexible
●    You have to push hard on the top
●    This is a bearing packer, not a puller

Buying Guide

Purchasing a bearing puller might look like a cakewalk to many people but in reality, it is not. To get the best bearing puller you will have to consider some important factors, to ensure high-quality service. Let’s take a look.

Material and Durability

Because you are dealing with tools that will endure a lot of twists and turns and pulling. It is best advised to go for something that is made of prime hardwearing materials. The stronger the components the better the performance. Check out the Orion motor Tech in our list, they are made of top-notch materials and will last longer than any other items. Having a durable instrument is crucial so that you don’t have to change it too often.

Carrying kit

You don’t want to take several mechanical units without a protective cover. It is a hassle taking more than one item with bare hands. Having a protective casing, i.e a storing kit is your best choice. Look at the YOTOO bearing puller in the review section, it comes with a sturdy storage kit that also adds to the longevity of the instruments. The carrying case protects the instrument from external damages. 


We always ask our customers to buy a unit that is the jack of all trades, rather than picking up a one-dimensional tool. Just imagine having a collection of pulling items in a single box. Isn’t it convenient to work with? It is! Check out the Orion Motor Tech 14 in 1 kit on the list above. With such products, you will be able to work with items that are compatible to work with a varying range of tasks. From automobile works to industrial use or even DIY uses, these items are capable of dealing with everything you throw at them. They can be used separately or with other tools to give you the best possible pulling solution.


Having a tool kit with warranty coverage is a plus point. Mechanical items are strong and durable but there could be unwanted mishaps sooner than later. So having a backup for a year or two is a good option. Just like the YOTOO item we mentioned, it has got a 1-year manufacturer warranty for your assurance.


What is a bearing puller used for?

It is used to remove gears from the shaft, pulleys and bearings of any kind. From industrial use, home use to automobiles, bearing pullers can be worked anywhere.

Are wheel bearings and axle bearings the same?

No! Wheel bearings are fitted in pairs that have both inner and outer bearings. Axle bearings use a single bearing to hold up the outer end of the shaft in position. 

Can a bad wheel bearing cause transmission problems?

It can have a significant impact on transmission. A damaged bearing induces stress on the hub and affects the transmission. Plus it is dangerous and not safe to drive with defective bearings.

What is a bearing splitter?

A bearing splitter is used to pull bushings, steering wheels, power steering pulleys, bearings from axle shafts, alternators, and much more. It works on intricate bearings where three-jaw pullers fail to work.

Final Verdict

People who own vehicles know the importance of a bearing puller. Working on axles, steerings and other complex areas can be difficult without a bearing puller. Getting the best bearing puller is a lifesaver in this case. If you have completed this article, you know about the best bearing pullers by now. The items we mentioned are top of the line products for pulling jobs. You can trust the brands, their durability and their functionality altogether. We like the quality of Orion Motor Tech, therefore we mentioned a few of their units to give you an idea about high quality bearing pullers. Check out the other items on the list as well and purchase something that meets your demand. So, don’t wait, grab any item and perform an effortless pulling job. 

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