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8 Best Bowling Balls For 2 Handers Of This Year! | 2022

After 17 years, two-handed bowling is now considered a new era added to the current status quo of the bowling scenario. The first time it was introduced was back in 2004. It really got its push when Jason Belmonte, an Australian bowling legend, won his first PBA title in 2009 with this technique. 

After that, people started discussing widely whether this technique was legal or not. Finally, having a thorough investigation from the USA Bowling Congress’s part, they declared there’s actually no foul play in this, and it’s absolutely legal to use this technique. 

Suddenly, two-handed bowling became a thing, and now, there are dedicated bowling balls for two-handers. As usual, there are bests and worst in this line of sports material as well. After conducting thorough enough research, we have selected the 8 best bowling balls for 2 handers. 

Yes, we are going for a ranking order. Definitely, you can disagree with us. But, if you consider the parameters that we will introduce to you in the buying guide, you will surely agree with the conclusion that we are about to inflict upon you. 

So, exercise your bowling hands for testing because you’re about to get yourself a new one.

8 Best Bowling Balls For 2 Handers of The Year – Top Picks

1. Brunswick Tzone Deep Space Bowling Ball Review

Brunswick Tzone Deep Space Bowling Ball

Bowlers don’t have only one ball they rely on. Even the most perfect ball that has been designed to shoot spares are supposed to make mistakes depending on the condition of the lanes. What if there was a ball that could have the same outcome if you shoot it right no matter how the lane is? 

When you badly need a spare in crucial moments of your game, this is a ball to pick up and shoot. The Brunswick is our first pick on the list with a tested accuracy of 99 and such build quality that can withstand any lane condition. 

It is capable of shooting straight, maybe not as durable as it’s supposed to be. If it’s doing the work, then what durability even is, right? Although polyester and plastic may not be considered the ideal materials for a bowling ball because of durability, this bowling ball definitely makes up for it with its straight-shooting streak. It’s a spare!


  • Capable of shooting very straight
  • Very accurate because of the weight balance
  • Doesn’t choke from performance due to lane conditions
  • Has very low hook potential, another reason for shooting straight
  • 8 different color options, each better than the last one
  • Exceptional for shooting spares


  • Has durability issues
  • Not made with the best materials
  • Has low hook potential, but sometimes it isn’t very easy for many bowlers to hook properly
  • Requires quite a lot of practice to get used to it

Who Is It For?

Not all bowling balls are for everyone, right? We had this one tested with people having a very vast skill set. The most unsuitable skillset for this ball was of an amateur. So, it’s strictly a no-go for amateurs. 

But if you are a pro or a semi-pro and also, you’re looking forward to up your game by practicing real hard considering the fact that you want to shoot straight, this is the one for you. With the low hook potential, it increases accuracy. 

2. Pyramid Path Rising Bowling Ball Review

Pyramid Path Rising Bowling Ball

If we keep on listing the best bowling balls for 2 handers only focusing on the pro players, the newer players who want to try this unconventional style will lag behind. There’s no tactical advantage of using two hands. It’s about comfortability. 

So, to check which style you’re comfortable enough with, this should be your first choice. Pyramid Path is an already famous name for making good quality bowling bowls with accuracy and different weight setups. Specifically, the Rising bowling bowl has gathered a reputation of being the first choice for people who want to take 2 handed bowling as a choice of style. 

The fun factor of this specific model is that you can select sizes between 6 lbs. and 16 lbs. This makes the model versatile enough for pros and amateurs to choose from. Also, the color scheme it has can make you stand out even if it’s one of the most favorites of everyone. 


  • Easy to throw
  • Suitable for both pros and amateurs
  • Wide range of size choices
  • Very smooth glide
  • Comes with a 2-years manufacturer’s warranty


  • The build material is not the ideal one
  • Sometimes the build can feel a little cheap to some
  • It definitely does not hook or curve

Who Is It For?

If you’re completely new at this, which means your balls will run the gutter more than it runs the lane, just avoid this one. Due to the less durability, you would need to buy a more rugged one. 

But if you have passed all the amateur stages and now looking forward to getting some skill increment, this is what you should go for.

As a pro, you might need different balls to perform different shots, hooks, straights for different lane conditions. For the certain lane condition it offers, you should just go for this one. 

3. Hammer Black Widow Legend Bowling Ball Review

Hammer Black Widow Legend Bowling Ball

This bowling ball has a different legend of itself. One of the most iconic and prominently used bowling balls ever by pros and amateurs in all countries where bowling is a sport or a pastime. Before testing this directly, we did our online research while picking which bowling balls to test. Probably this is the one with the highest number of positive reviews. 

What gathers people’s attention towards this one is that has a very good price to quality ratio. Covering all stops for 3 long years is too enticing an offer from the manufacturers not to accept. The simulation tells us that this is best for heavy or medium oil conditions on the lane. This holds a lot of traction.

So, this is a dedicated ball for certain lane conditions. Yet, the accuracy makes up for the restriction it comes with. Also, point to be noted is that the lane condition it’s perfect for is the most common one. 


  • Symmetrical core
  • Has the pearl reactive coverstock
  • Has a high hook potential
  • Great build quality
  • 3-year manufacturer’s warranty


  • Has limited size options
  • Definitely a bad choice for amateurs
  • Not suitable for people who prefer lightweight bowling balls

Who Is It For?

Balls with high hook potential mean that they will rotate a lot. The rotation usually creates a problem of shooting straight. Means it’s for spin shots. For moving across the lane to hit certain pins. This ball is considered for hitting spares in crucial moments. As an amateur, it will be hard for you to cope up with the hook potential at first. 

So, you should clear your hand first using some other ball. If you have had enough practice using bowling place balls, this could be your first ball as an amateur. 

For pros and semi-pros, choose a color you like and the size you prefer. Just go for it. Just one thing, See which lane condition you’re more frequent in. If you see yourself playing in medium or heavy oil conditions, don’t hesitate to get your hands on this one. 

4. Motiv Venom Shock Bowling Ball Review

Motiv Venom Shock Bowling Ball

Ever heard of something that “has it all” with a low-price scale? You haven’t? I’m pretty sure then you never came across this bowling ball. The Motiv Venom Shock is famous for being the ball that has it all. Get it? 

After every shot, if you can predict where the ball would go, it’ll be easier for you to meter your shots according to the need, right? Tests showed us clearly that there’s something very unique about this ball. Every time you throw it a certain way, it does the exact same thing. That means if you practice well with this, you can perfect every shot. What more do you need?

Hook potential can be high or low, but if the hook layout is not user-friendly, then there’s no point in certain hook potentials. This ball offers a hook-friendly build. 


  • Hook friendly build offers perfect hook potential
  • Shot predictability
  • Exceptional build quality
  • Dual-density weight
  • Suitable for practicing
  • Comes with the latest Hexion coverstock


  • Not suitable for players who want lightweight balls
  • Limited color scheme
  • Only suitable for light and medium oil lanes

Who Is It For?

At some points, amateurs have to learn using balls that have high hook potential, right? So, if you’re learning the game and want to spread your gameplay from just shooting straight to hooking, go for this one. The hook-friendly build and dual-density weight will help you majestically.

As for pros, if you prefer lightweight balls, not the one for you, mate. But, if you want a ball to practice your shots to predict while participating in a tournament, this is the only ball that helps you to predict shots. You need it.

5. Storm Pitch Black Bowling Ball Review

Storm Pitch Black Bowling Ball

A few one-hander bowlers were requested to use the 2- hander technique just to see whether they felt any advantages or not. Turns out they didn’t. Rather, they felt that two hands actually caused them to lose control. 

So, to switch styles would require a lot of practice indeed. To cope with that, the Storm pitch-black emerged as a solution. The Extreme hook potential it offers dramatically increases the control of the ball from shooting to strike or spare. 

Bowlers have called its accuracy a blessing! For bowlers who have a high shot technique or in a situation where even you have to go for a high shot, the ball just bites the lane and shoots straight. The color scheme is also intriguing. The pitch black in the name in its color scheme. The 1000 grit finish makes it your ideal choice for dry lanes. 


  • Grip ensures finishes to be smoother
  • The matte black color is a pleasure for sore eyes
  • Top-notch accuracy
  • Good choice for high shots
  • Best choice for dry lanes
  • Highly durable


  • The less smooth 1000-grit finish causes it to get dirty quickly
  • Only available in one color scheme
  • Not suitable for bowlers who prefer lightweight balls

Who Is It For?

Balls with low hook potential are meant to shoot straight. This has an extreme hook potential. Emphasis on the extreme. A big no-no for straight shooters. The pitch-black somehow has a high hook potential and also is accurate. A highly unlikely specification to have. 

My suggestion will be if you’re a semi-pro who participates in local tournaments and also want to teach your friends a thing or two about bowling, get this one. For beginners, just check the next one if it suits you. No matte black for you, sadly.

6. Storm Physix Bowling Ball Review

Storm Physix Bowling Ball

While taking a shot, if the ball is not hooked friendly, the ball can likely land on an inaccurate location while the shot. If it lands on an inaccurate location, there’s no point in having a high hook potential, right? The rotation will throw the ball right off the lane.

It’s evident for every ball that has a high hook potential to have a certain build that makes the ball friendly for everyone to nail that shot to make the high hook potential work flawlessly. The Storm Physix was added to the best bowling balls for 2 handers list because it offers such a build that makes the work easier for the ball after the shot.

As the bowler, you will definitely get comfortable in a while. With the power that it offers and the dynamic it has, surely it will feel as if the bowler using this is cheating. High scores are inbound if you pack certain power with proper shot action that completes a proper hook and the ball just grips the lane.


  • High hook potential
  • Proper build to support the hook potential
  • Contains a great power differential
  • Grips the lane neatly
  • Exceptional mass displacement


  • Not suitable for amateurs
  • Hook potential sometimes tries to defy straight shots
  • No option for size

Who Is It For?

A hook-friendly build for accurate placing is something that a beginner would hardly understand. If the previous line is not gibberish to you and you’re having trouble with shot location accuracy, this is the ball you need.

But remember, this dramatically defies straight shots. It’s really hard to shoot straight with this one. So, if this is the only purchase you will make, then don’t. This is added to the list considering you own another ball, and you need this one to perfect the other one. 

7. Hammer Purple Pearl Urethane Bowling Ball Review

Hammer Purple Pearl Urethane Bowling Ball

Back in the ’80s and ’90s, there was a certain type of bowling ball that was crushing every other bowling ball. People kept on using those bowling balls till they became obsolete, and the manufacturer stopped manufacturing them. To give everyone back that old-school vibe of standing out even against the best bowls in the market, hammer brought back the same tech with a touch of Urethane.

This is a mid-performance ball. So, you can’t really expect it to be the best in every way. To be honest, there’s no such ball that is best in every situation and lane condition. This mid-performance ball contains all the good qualities a ball should have but with a limit of a medium performance. 

The manufacturers polished it three times with three different micro pads, first with a 500 grit, then a 100 grit, and finally a 2000 grit. These polishes made the ball as smooth as ever. Turning it the to be the best choice for medium to light oil lanes.


  • Build quality is sturdy
  • Best suitable for medium to light oil lane condition
  • Smoothened to perfection
  • Medium hook potential
  • Best suited for beginners and intermediate bowlers


  • Only available in one size
  • There is no variety in the color scheme

Who Is It For?

Definitely not for pros. You won’t see any professional bowlers participating in a major tournament unless they have confidence in their skill. It will just be a dare and a nightmare to carry along for a professional tournament. 

But on the other hand, if you’re on the learning tree or have passed the learning tree and giving a fight to the semi-pros, this would be the best option for you. It has a medium hook potential. So, if you have enough control over your shot, you can shoot straight to strike and also nail spares.

8. Storm Code X Bowling Ball Review

Storm Code X Bowling Ball

Speed and power are not everything. In bowling, the most important aspect is how well the ball is gripping the lanes and control. All the above-mentioned balls have one thing in common. All of them are fast. But not all bowlers prefer fastballs. A lot of bowlers prefer slower balls because they offer more control over every shot you make.

Especially, when the lane condition is oily, slower balls tend to have more grip. Thus, ensuring you have more control over the shot. The weighted density it has helps to shoot straight. When you’re bowling, you’re actually aiming for the sweet spot of the pins, right? The chances of hitting that sweet spot increase by default if the ball is bound to shoot straight.

Also, the manufacturer of it is the name of the trust. You can put your trust in this one if you consider yourself to be a beginner or a mid-level player who has just mustered the game.


  • Slower speed has more traction control
  • Grips very well in heavy oil condition
  • Build quality is rugged
  • 3000-grit smoothened
  • Shoots straight
  • Good weight density


  • Not suitable for professionals 
  • Only available in one size
  • Doesn’t have any proper hook potential

Who Is It For?

Unless you’re a slow-speed bowler, who likes to see their ball travel in style through heavy oil lanes, skip this one and start checking from the beginning to match. Nevertheless, for beginners, this could be a very lucrative choice to go for this one. 

With the slow travel speed, you will literally be able to see what you did wrong. So, this can be a ball that you use to evaluate your progress. Also, you will surely better your straight shots. The weighted density takes care of the rest. For beginners, locating the sweet spot of the pins for hitting a strike will be easier if they practice with this ball.

How To Buy The Best Bowling Balls For 2 Handers?

For 2 handers, the most common question is what is the best two-hander bowling ball. You can’t pinpoint only one because every ball offers a different specification that may or may not satisfy bowlers. There’s no one ball that has a 100% clearance rate.

Not just bowling. In every sport, there will at least be one person who will criticize your choice. So, how are you supposed to pick a ball and consider it to be the best one on the market? The answer is, you can’t.

You cannot pick one ball and expect it to rein over all other balls. It’s not possible even theoretically. There are certain pointers that you can look for in a bowling ball. But these pointers may not go under your expectations. So, I will cover all the that we judged to determine the 8 Best Bowling Balls for 2 Handers of this year. 

1. Hook Potential

When checking a ball, it’s evident to see what the hook potential is of a ball. Every ball has a hook potential except for those which are slow. There are three types of hook potentials that you will see in the balls.

Low hook potential means that the ball is less likely to rotate and more likely to shoot straight. Medium hook potential means the chances of the ball to rotate or shoot straight is almost equal. Balls with a high hook potential are highly likely to rotate and less likely to shoot straight. 

If you’re buying your first ever bowling ball, this paragraph is very crucial for you. You might think, why would I need a ball that would not shoot straight and rotate out from the line I shot it. Two reasons. One is that many bowlers prefer to shoot for a strike, ensuring that the hit on the pins has a certain spin to it. Second, if you missed a few pins on the side, the rotation will help you have better control to hit that spare. 

Now, depending on what you’re trying to do with the ball in the bowling lanes, you determine the hook potential to go for. If you want your ball to have more accuracy while shooting straight, you need a ball with low hook potential. 

2. Durability

How important factor durability really is? To be honest, no matter how durable a bowling ball is, you’re throwing it on a strong surface. After a certain time, it’s bound to decay and get damaged in certain places. Also, not just the durability part. You might even stop feeling comfortable using one ball for a long time. 

But if you think that you’re spending $100+ and expect it to sustain longer, just go for anything but polyester and plastic. 

3. Weight

Usually, bowling balls weigh between 6 lbs. to 16 lbs. Now, which weight should you go for? The fact is the weight difference doesn’t have anything to do with the power of the ball or speed. The class is differentiated because of people having certain body strengths. 

You can shoot the fastest but still end up not getting a strike because bowling is not a speeds game. It requires a certain speed, a certain angle, and definitely a certain spin with which your ball hits the sweet spot. Only then can you score a strike. 

So, if you think you’ll get a lighter ball and throw it harder to make it go fast, and it will help you to get a strike, you’re wrong.

To understand what weight suits you, you have to practice with all the weighted balls first. You can just go to a bowling joint and try balls having different weights. See with which your performance is the best. Then, decide the weight you want to go for. 

Also, comfort is an issue while determining the weight. The ball has to feel right in your hands. You should understand which weight you can control the best. Which one matches your strength to shoot perfectly is a way you are determining the weight you need. 

So, these are the basic factors that you need to consider before going for a bowling ball. Some might jazz things up by adding a few non-understandable terms. But trust me, it’s a ball. These are the only things that you have to worry about while buying them.

4. Two handers Bowling Technique

One-handed bowling is a very convenient way of bowling. The one who hasn’t bowled even once knows the basics of it. But two-hander bowling is a bit different. Many people struggle to use one hand while bowling. It results in quitting the sport. 

If anyone of you is here to switch from one-hander to two-hander bowling style, these basic ideas will help you to initially start your practice. 

How To Hold The Ball?

It’s obvious that two handed bowling has one small advantage. With the dominant hand upfront, you can add some extra spin to the ball that can effectively help you score more points. While people think handling a bowling ball is harder with two hands, the real scenario is actually different. 

With your dominant hand in the backend and non-dominant hand in the top, the dominant hand will be responsible for the power, and the non-dominant hand would be the one that will help you with ball control. 

This control is basically nothing but directing and adjusting the spin. This is something you can’t do when you’re bowling with one hand.

How To Swing?

The way you swing your ball is important because before releasing it in a 60 feet long lane, you need to generate some momentum that would enable the ball to cover the distance. Also, have a certain power that would make those pins fall. 

Swing is actually the bowler’s discretion. You have to create a technique that is effective enough for you to score higher points. One pro tip: till you release the ball, keep your non-dominant hand on the ball. That way, even if the swing isn’t as effective as it’s supposed to be, you’ll have control over the ball’s traveling path.

How To Release?

Two handed bowlers often struggle with from which height they would release the ball. The best possible height for releasing the ball would definitely be your ankle. Any lower or higher than that would simply make the ball deter from the path.

Final Verdict

Choosing one from the best bowling balls for 2 handers can be a tough job. If the choice does not agree with you, it will create an issue that would result in declining the quality of your game altogether. We are definitely confident about the list that we made. Every ball has a skill type that it is perfect for. 

Whichever matches your skillset and weight preference, you can just go for it. Also, if you’re switching from one hander to two hander bowling, make sure you read through the two hander bowling techniques. I hope these pointers will help you to know exactly what to focus on and how to better your game altogether. 

Creating a list of bowling balls isn’t easy. We had to go through reviews from people who bought them, and also, we had to test them ourselves to determine which one is best for which skill set just so that we could give you the best suggestion along with the best choice. 

We hope you have already chosen your favorite one. Let us know.

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