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Top 10 Best brazing torch kit Review in 2022

1. ESAB Victor 0384-0945 G150 J-P Light Duty Gas Welding Outfit Tote Kit Without Tanks, R150-200/R150-540 Gas Regulators, 103-01FP Torch Handle, Striker, 12.5′ – 3/16″ Hose, Goggles, Tank Key

  • Oxy-acetylene processes
  • High capacity and hvac industrial applications
  • Included features are an oxygen regulator skr-540r, fuel regulator skr-200r, 12.5″ dual “a” 3/16 hose 252-03p, goggles, check valves, and striker
  • Item Package Dimension: 9.8″ L x 26.2″ W x 14.1″ H

2. RTMMFG Oxygen MAPP Torch Kit Portable Cylinder Metal Stand, for Soldering and Brazing, Sparker, Protection glass, Extra nozzle(Gas Cylinders Not Included)

  • Advanced gas control system on handle makes it easy to precision flame , dual flashback arrestors.
  • For soldering, brazing and jewellery work. Applicating in HVAC and plumbing.
  • 360° rotation of torch tube is capable for various using environment. Temperature can reach 6432℉.
  • Super oxy blow torch with MAPP & OXYGEN. Lightweight & Portable. Suited for 14.1OZ MAPP and 1.4 oz Oxygen Fuel Cylinders.
  • Caution: Must close the valves on the cylinders when not in use! If you encounter the problem that the welding torch can not ignite, after the welding torch is installed, please adjust the flame valve and ignite when you hear the sound of outgassing. It will be your best partner at work. Please just feel free to contact us at any time.

3. Smith Little Torch Torch Kit 5 Tips #3-7 Acetylene Propane Natural Gas MAPP Hydrogen Jewelry Repair Metal Braze Solder Model 23-1001D

  • Engineered for light brazing, soldering, and it is also capable of casting up to three troy ounces of gold or silver
  • This system can be used with your choice of fuel: Acetylene, Propane, Hydrogen, Natural Gas, MAPP fuels, & Oxygen
  • Includes one torch, size #3-7 curved tips (5 total), 8′ hoses, and a complete instruction manual
  • Makes a thread-thin flame that will heat up to 6300°F
  • Made in the U.S.A.

4. Thermadyne TurboTorch 0386-0335 X-3B Air Acetylene Torch Outfit

  • Tips feature quick disconnect couplings and color coded o-rings for gas identification.
  • Kit includes AR-B regulator, G-4 handle, AH-12 hose, A-3 tip, A-11 tip.
  • Solders up to 3-Inch
  • Brazes up to 1-5/8-Inch
  • For use with acetylene B tank.

5. Turbotorch, 0386-0835, Brazing And Soldering Kit

  • Welding & Soldering Equipment & Supplies
  • Made In America
  • Commercial Brand: Turbotorch
  • Extreme Swirl Technology delivers high heat, super-fast, reducing brazing time and fuel consumption
  • Includes gauge guards and cylinder wrench
  • Quick-disconnect handles and tips
  • Color-coded “O” rings for quick gas identification
  • Valve Position: Rear
  • Extreme Swirl Technology delivers high heat, super-fast, reducing brazing time and fuel consumption
  • Includes gauge guards and cylinder wrench
  • Quick-disconnect handles and tips
  • Color-coded “O” rings for quick gas identification
  • Valve Position: Rear

6. 0384-0947 Victor Portable Tote Torch Kit Set Cutting Outfit Without Cylinders

  • Victor G150 Series Portable Tote, Cuts up to 3, Welds up to 1¼ and Cuts up to 5, No tanks included

7. Goss KA-125-M12P Welding and Brazing HVAC Torch Tool Kit for “MC” Acetylene Tanks

  • Professional torch kit used by heating, cooling, refrigeration, repair shops, and industry contractors
  • Includes rear valve torch with “A” hose fittings, precise needle valve control and superior stainless steel valve stems
  • Quality brass regulators with “MC” tank and “A” hose connections give constant and accurate gas flow needed by professionals
  • 3033-1 tip welds up to 3/32-Inchand brazes to up 1-1/4-Inch. 3033-3 tip welds up to 3/16-Inch and brazes up to 1-1/2-Inch. Interchangeable with Turbo Torch style

8. Forney 1753 Tote A Torch Light/Medium Duty, Torch Cutting and Welding Portable Kit

  • Light/Medium Duty Tote A Torch Cutting and Welding Kit Outfit
  • Cuts up to 5mm (0.20″) and welds 1.98mm (5/64″) right out of the box
  • Ideal for general maintenance light duty fusion welding, braze welding, hand cutting applications and HVAC
  • For use at the job site, on the farm or ranch, in the shop or at home
  • Victor compatible, 150- Series. Portable cutting and welding torch outfit. Comes with empty cylinders.
  • Kit includes: Oxygen Regulator: 155-Series (86230) * Acetylene Regulator: 155-Series (86229) * Torch Handle: 100FC-Series (87093) * Cutting Attachment: 1350-Series (87092) * Cutting Tip: 0-3-101 (60447) * Welding Tip: W-1-0 (87822) * Hose: 3/16″ (4.76mm) x 12.5′ (3.81m) T-Grade (N/A) * Check Valves and Flashback Arrestor: Built in Goggles: 50mm (1.97″) Cup Style Shade #5 (55311) * Spark Lighter: Single Flint (86102) * Oxygen Cylinder: Oxygen “R” 20CF (86224) * Acetylene Cylinder: Acetylene “MC” 10CF (86228) * Tank Wrench: 3/16″ (4.76mm) “R” and “MC” (86147) * Packaging: Red Carry Tote (86221)

9. TurboTorch 0386-0578 TDLX 2010B Carrier Kit Outfits, Air Fuel, Acetylene

  • Provides the most convenient tool to organize, store and transport your TurboTorch Air Acetylene equipment and B tank
  • Telescoping pull handle allows you to pull the rolling tote to the work area
  • Tote is loaded with store pockets for your torch kit and all the accessories needed on the job
  • Durable metal framework ensures the tote can handle the toughest work environments
  • Kit includes the finest Acetylene equipment on the market: TurboTorch Acetylene tips, regulator, hose and handle

10. Victor Technologies 0384-0948 Victor G150-J-Cpt Tote with Tanks

  • Manufactured by Victor, the most recognized Name in Gas equipment
  • New tote design features an ergonomic carrying handle, built-in storage case and a functional balanced design
  • Victor commitment to quality and safety are built into their outfits
  • Outfit is designed for light duty cutting, brazing and heating jobs

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