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Best Flashlight With Magnetic

The one inseparable thing from a man’s life is a Flashlight. No matter how advanced or digital life you are leading, a flashlight in your residence is a must. It has innumerable uses. And, more importantly, you will feel sort of incomplete without a flashlight in many cases of work.

Buying a good and worthy flashlight has become a challenging task. For this, you must know the ins and outs of the best flashlight with magnetic. Flashlights with magnetic have multiple uses and advantages.

Surprisingly, it can keep your hands free while doing heavy industrial or household work. For camping, during natural disaster-based power cuts and whatnot, flashlights are the first thing you would be looking for.

Top 5 Best Flashlight With Magnetic

A common person will get lost while getting the best flashlight out of so many brands, and models. This article will filter out and make a worthy decision while getting one. Here we shall learn about the benefits and the uses of the 5 best flashlights with magnetic properties.

1. HOXIDA Rechargeable Flashlight – Best Rechargeable  Flashlight with Magnetic

HOXIDA Rechargeable Flashlight

HOXIDA has a good name in the flashlight development industry. Starting from the outlook, the Hoxida flashlight has a very premium look. Its Aluminum-based metallic body makes it highly durable and workable in most tedious situations.

The HOXIDA flashlight is USB rechargeable. It uses the widely used USB Type-B port for charging purposes. Therefore, you can charge it anywhere or everywhere without any difficulties. It is compatible with all 5,10W chargers. Besides, you can also charge it from your laptop, power bank, etc. This gives you the flexibility of recharging the flashlight on the go from your car’s hub.

You will be getting a high-capacity rechargeable Li-ion battery included in the packaging. You need not buy the battery separately from the store. As a result, it saves some of your bucks. The battery is capable of running the flashlight for about 3-4 hours with continuous and high beams. Therefore, you can use it for an emergency situation without worrying about quick charge disruptions.

The quick charging technology of the circuit board of the flashlight enables you to recharge it in a very less amount of time. You can get it recharged fully in just 3 hours. The main power button has a functional LED light indicator. It shows you when charging is required for the battery by turning Red Light on. This alerts you when the charge is below 20%.

This flashlight is IPX5 certified. That means the housing and frame of the flashlight are waterproof. You can use it most of the rainy days which enhances your effectiveness of working with it.

The COB light helps you from lighting up the surrounding at 360 degrees. It is highly suitable for home use during power cuts or late-night camping as well.

Its bulb has zooming added with a focusing feature. You can either focus it on a single point with a maximum beam or on a higher area of illumination. While passing through a very densely blacked-out area, you can use the focused beam to confirm the identity of the objects. Besides, while camping, cycling, or lighting up a wide range of areas, the zoom-out feature can be used.

This flashlight has a dimension of only 6.38 x 4.96 x 1.54 inches with 5 ounces of weight. It makes the flashlight very convenient. You can carry it in your pocket, bag, pouch, purse, or anywhere else very easily.

The 1200 lumen powerful bulb integrated into XML-2 T6 LED chip makes it deliver a very powerful beam of light. This makes the flashlight usable in many cases. It is certified to provide 100000 working hours with 4 changeable modes for different purposes. The high, low, sidelight, and SOS mode is applicable for most of the daily uses.

It has a strong magnetic base that can be attached to most of the magnetic surfaces. This feature helps you to keep your hands completely free while doing sensitive work such as patching up the car’s engine or repairing circuit boards etc.

Very small and compactThe lower charge holding capacity
Wide range of applicationNot  budget-friendly
Delivers powerful beam of light 
Durable and eye-catching design 
Lets you work freely 

2. Hoxida USB Rechargeable Flashlight – Best LED Flashlight with Magnetic

Hoxida USB Rechargeable Flashlight

Another fine product from HOXIDA. This model of HOXIDA flashlight has been made for extreme situations. The rugged yet lightweight Aluminum housing makes it very durable. Therefore, it is usable for most of the hard and extreme cases like night walking, hiking, camping, etc.

It has a universal  USB TYPE-B rechargeable port. This means you can easily charge it using the most common chargers around the world. The flashlight chip has compatibility to get charged by any 5.10,18 W of chargers easily. Besides, you can recharge it using your power bank, laptop, or car hub as well.

The fast charging feature enables the circuit board to make it recharged just in 3 hours of continuous charging. As a result no matter how intense the situation is you can get it to work with less amount of charging time.

This rechargeable flashlight has a length of only 5.12” or 4.96”. It makes the flashlight very small and compact. It can be carried around very conveniently. You can use your pants, shirt pockets, backpacks, car dashboard, or any confined area quite easily. Moreover, the lightweight feature(3.36 ounces) makes carrying the flashlight even easier.

For a better experience, you can hang it from any slim strips such as a shirt, t-shirt, backpack using the side clip. This allows you to make your hands free while moving. Besides, you can instantly use it at the time of emergency.

The Hoxida flashlight housing is completely sealed. It is IP65 certified. As a result, you are authorized to use it even in heavy rains. The water can not hamper the inner electronics at all. While doing tough night surveys, traveling while it’s raining the flashlight can be used.

You will be getting XML-T6 LED+COB LED lights. The 1000 lumen capable flashlight is able to produce a very powerful beam of light. Besides, the sidelight one-directional COB light uses a similar chipset which results in strong and bright white light to lighten up the surroundings and make the area visible.

This flashlight chipset has been programmed for 4 interchangeable flash modes. These are the high, low, strobe, and COB light. These modes have different uses in real-time. You can use the modes most effectively while moving, cycling, or traveling. The COB light is the most effective way to lighten up your camping tent.

You can easily switch off the light without cycling around the modes. All you need is to press the power button for 2s. It also has a zoomable feature that alters the focus of the beam. The focused light is useful while you are traveling. It helps to identify the objects easily. On the other hand, you can use the unfocused mode to lighten up a higher surface area such as a camping tent.

The flashlight has to charge the indicator light. It turns green while operating at sufficient charge. When the charge runs down, it turns red. This feature helps you to keep track of the charge of the battery. You will get a heavy-duty rechargeable Li-ion battery with the packaging.

Its strong magnetic base can be used to hang it around the metal surfaces. This allows you to be completely hands-free while doing heavy work.

Very strong and bright light delivery360 degree COB is absent
Easy to carry aroundThe charge of the battery runs down quickly
Can be used for many purposes 
Long-lasting construction 
Replaceable battery 

3. OLIGHT S2R II Flashlight – Best EDC Flashlight with Magnetic

OLIGHT S2R II Flashlight

The OLIGHT brand makes very high-performance LED flashlights for multiple purposes. The build quality of this flashlight is durable due to the rugged AL6061-T6 Aluminum alloy framing. Besides, it makes the weight of the flashlight very light as well. The lightweight(98gm) of this flashlight makes carrying it around very convenient.

You will get two types of caps alongside the flashlight. The blue cap or black has a clip with it. These can be used to hang the flashlight physically to your pocket or backpacks. As a result, your hands remain free.

The primary power button has been integrated with a small charging indicator. It has three colors for three different charging availability. The green color light shows a sufficient charge, the yellow color shows a medium charge. And the red shows that the flashlight requires recharging.

This flashlight has a multi-functional side switch. This acts as the power switch as well as the alternating mode switch for the flashlight. There are 3 standard modes of flashing used in this flashlight. These are the strobe light mode, moonlight mode, and turbo mode. The modes work differently and are advantageous for different situations and scenarios.

The S2R II has a rechargeable battery chamber that uses a standard Li-ion battery. This makes the flashlight workable for a long time. Because the batteries are replaceable as well. The type-B USB port has been integrated into the blue cap of the flashlight.

You can conveniently recharge the flashlight using any standard charger, laptop, pc, power bank, or car charger as well. It makes camping even better because you won’t be needing a socket for charging.

The OLIGHT S2R II flashlight is IPX* certified. This means the flashlight is strongly waterproof. You can easily and roughly operate the flashlight in extreme rain. Besides, it can tolerate the water pressure up to 2m below the water surface without any damage.

Its compact body dimension of 3.94in/100mm and head/Body Diameter of 0.91in/23mm make carrying the flashlight fatigue less and enjoyable.

You will receive a Customized rechargeable Battery MCC 1A charging cable, Blue pocket clip, Black pocket clip, and a Pouch. The maximum output of the bulb of this Flashlight is 1150 lumens. This means it delivers a very bright white beam of light. The TIR  lens makes the focus sharp and worthy.

With the maximum output, the flashlight can run up to 230 mins. This gives ample time during emergency situations. The LED bulb of this flashlight can lighten up to 135m in the maximum mode.

You can use the magnetic base of the caps to keep it being hung from many metal surfaces. As a result, your hands become free for additional work. In order to confirm the durability of this flashlight, the unit has been stressed through 1.5m of the drop test. Therefore, you are assured of using this roughly in any adventurous conditions.

The max candela limit is 4600 which ensures you get highly focused bright visibility of the target.

Extremely small and compact sizeNo COB or sidelight included
Durable and long-lastingCharging time is lengthy
The battery can be customized 
Can be used for many purposes 
Delivers great visibility 

4. Coquimbo COB Rechargeable Work Light – Best Work Flashlight with Magnetic

Coquimbo COB Rechargeable Work Light

Coquimbo is quite renowned for making performance levels of office and household accessories. Its work light has been developed for convenient uses to remove the darkness and implore good visibility.

This light is developed for ultimate convenience because of the two-level 360-degree rotatable neck. You can rotate and twist the direction of the light to any point required for you. This makes the use of this work light simple and flexible as well.

Its elongated bulb pattern makes a wide range of areas visible using super bright LED lights. The framing of this work light is constructed using a solid rubber base. It makes the surface anti-slip and anti-sweat as well. You can get a good grip while holding it during work. Moreover, your hand and palm will remain fatigued less due to the lightweight.

This work light has a built-in 18650 rechargeable battery. This ultimate range of battery capacity ensures delivering bright light for a good amount of time. The type-B universal charging port makes it easier to charge in any condition. You can change it through USB chargers, car hub, power bank, or even from your laptop.

There are 5 modes in total programmed to the chipset of this work light. You will get two different colored lights for different purposes. These are the white and red colored lights. Its white light has 3 standard modes which are high, low, and strobing. On the other hand, the red light has 2 workable modes.

The base of this light has a strong magnet within it. You can use it for hanging it on any metal surface. This will let your hands become free for different purposes. Besides, the swivel hook will let you hang it in a traditional way which is useful for outdoor activities such as camping, bbq grilling, etc.

This work light is very compact, a 5.8″ folded condition. You can easily carry it around without any hassle. Moreover, the mere 4.9 ounces in weight (140 gr) makes your hand remain fatigued less. Again, it does not create any stress or pressure. They’re small enough that they can fit in most of the confined places easily.

The Coquimbo work light has a very large range of usability. It can be used for night grills, camping, night reading, repairing, hiking, traveling, etc. There is a single LED dome light available on top of the main light. It can be used as a flashlight for many emergency situations.

Broadcasts light to a large areaLight cannot be focused
Good and clear visibilityThe battery is not replaceable
Can be placed or hung on any placeNot waterproof
Can be used as a flashlight as well 
Run time is high 

5. TC1200 Tactical Flashlight with Magnetic Base – Best Tactical Flashlight with Magnetic

TC1200 Tactical Flashlight with Magnetic Base

Decaker makes most of the high-quality and high performance-based tactical accessories. The Decaker TC1200 is a compact tactical flashlight for special and emergency cases.

It comes with a very small body dimension. The length of this tactical flashlight is about 4” only. It has been constructed with high-grade aircraft aluminum material. This makes the flashlight extremely durable. You can use it for most of the extreme tactical conditions  such as night hiking, traveling, servicing, repairing, etc.

The TC1200 flashlight is famous for its high luminous power. It can produce up to 1200 lumen of light. The focused beam of this flashlight is visible from five nautical miles. Therefore, it can also be used for distress calling if you are lost or are in trouble.

Its body is made of anti-skid surface technology. You will get a firm grip on the flashlight while doing extreme maneuverability. Besides the small size of this flashlight makes it fit easily in your palm, pocket, or backpack. Ultimately, you will have difficulties while carrying the flashlight.

This flashlight has a chipset programmed for 5 modes of focusing. It alters the focusing of the beam. The concave lens makes the focusing very swift. As a result, you can use it to get clear visibility on a target or a wide range of visibility as well.

You will also get a preset focusing which can be triggered simply by pressing the switch. This flashlight is powered by a rechargeable 18650 Lithium-ion Battery. This lets you buy extra batteries after every use. Therefore, it is more sustainable and economical.

The strong magnetic base on the bottom of the flashlight allows you to hang it on metal surfaces. Its lightweight makes the job even easier. You can hang it in both vertical and horizontal ways on any surface. This flashlight is quite easy to reassemble and reassemble for changing the inner parts of the flashlight.

Simple yet strong performanceNo COB/sidelight
Delivers high powered beamsNot waterproof
Easily carryable 
Rugged and durable for long-lasting 
Long term visibility acquired 

Things you should know before getting the best flashlight with magnetic

Not all flashlights can satisfy your needs according to your demand. There are some certain points you should remember.

Luminous Power

The luminous intensity of the flashlight is the most important factor in buying a flashlight. You should get at least 1000 lumen-led bulbs. But for maximum visibility, a 1200+ lumen flashlight is a must. It can produce bright white light which results in good visibility.

Compact and tactility

Flashlights should be easily carryable. For this length and diameter of the flashlight should be minimized as far as possible. You must get a flashlight with a maximum length of 6”. It makes the grip and holding the grip of the flashlight easier.


The durability of the flashlight is one of the most important factors to be considered. Because you are going to use it in rough and rugged conditions. Your flashlight should be made of strong, high-grade Aluminum material. It keeps the flashlight safe from external impacts. Besides, you can keep in mind looking at drop test certified flashlights such as OLIGHT.

Magnetic Property

A magnetic flashlight keeps your hands free and lets you work with ease. Be sure to check the flashlight you get contains a strong magnetic base. For testing, you can hang it horizontally or vertically on the metal surfaces.


Since you will be using the flashlight in extreme weather conditions, make sure the housing of the flashlight is waterproof graded. Check for IPX5, IPX6 and IPX8 certified flashlights such as the Hoxida and Olight brands. They even provide you with submersible grade (IPX8) flashlights.

Different Modes and Focusing

The flash you get should possess at least 3 standard automatic modes. These are high, low, and strobe. Besides, manual focusing-based light such as the TC1200 allows you to set the focus according to your demand.


Flashlights have a vast range of usability. You are allowed to use it in almost all cases related to darkness. But getting a good quality flashlight is a tricky job. Besides, you have to keep in mind the purpose you will be getting the flashlight actually for. For all these reasons, it is better to know beforehand about the best flashlight with magnetic.

Considering you want a COB light, rechargeable, magnetic base, high luminous led bulb with different modes without worrying about the budget. Then you should get the Hoxida flashlights. On the other hand, if the budget is limited. But a quality flashlight needs to be bought then the TC1200 or OLIGHt flashlight can be taken.

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