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4 Best Gear Puller Review

Gear pullers are valuable tools to remove worn-out or stiff bearings, pulleys, or gears from any part of a machine. The jaws grab the bearing, and the rod secures it in place. It helps you to remove the bearings and saves time and labor. Hence, a gear puller or bearing puller comes in handy in any mechanical workshop. Here, we got a list of the four best gear pullers that can remove gears from a recess or shaft. Let’s have a detailed look at the gear pullers.

Top 4 Best Gear Puller Review

Here is a detailed review of the four best gear pullers with their specifications and pros-cons.

1. DuraTech 3-Inch 3-Jaw Gear Puller

DuraTech 3-Inch 3-Jaw Gear Puller

Our first pick is from DuraTech. The most significant feature of this 3-jaw puller is that it’s reversible. So you can use it from the inside and outside to remove the parts. Its universal four-position reversible jaws make it work in different positions and reach various levels. And tasks like sprocket pulling or flywheel pulling get even more convenient. The claws have a non-slip grip due to their unique construction. Additionally, the jaw design is done in a way to assist the pull. It has a jaw-reach of 3-9/16” and a 3Tpuller.

This 3-jaw gear puller is 3-inch in length. It can be used with other tools like a wrench or spanner as a puller. The chrome plating gives it a shiny finish. The corrosion-free material also keeps the puller new over the years of use if handled with care. The drive screw is covered with black phosphating. Black phosphate also prevents rusting and a durable finish. The DuraTech uses jaws made with drop-forged Cr-V steel, which ensures the strength and durability of the product.

●    Rustproof
●    No assembly required
●    A value for money product
●    Sturdy construction and durable over the years
●    The jaw grabs are too thick to fit into a narrower space

Bottom line

If you’re looking for a 3-inch reversible puller within a budget price that is also sturdy, this 3-jaw gear puller is the right pick for you.

2. MOFEEZ 3-Jaw Gear Puller 3pc Set

MOFEEZ 3-Jaw Gear Puller 3pc Set

Our second pick is the MOFEEZ 3-jaw gear puller. This three-jaw gear puller set consists of a 3”, 4”, and 6” gear puller. Its universal jaws are reversible. Hence, they could be used both ways. Apart from offering inside and outside grips, this gear puller set has two different positions. The three-inch and four-inch pullers feature three positions, where the six-inch puller features six positions.

The jaw spread of the three-inch gear puller is 4.5”, and the reach is 1.5”. The four-inch gear puller has a 6.25” jaw spread and 2.5-inch jaw reach. The six-inch gear puller features an 8.75” jaw spread and 4.75-inch jaw reach. Therefore, you can use it for a wide variety of applications. They are excellent tools to remove side gear, pulleys, and flywheels. The bearings will glide off the shaft like butter when you use this puller.

They would beat any gear puller in the comparison of construction. They are built with forged steel. So, the hardened material will last for an extended period, even under high pressure. The drive screw is also strengthened by cold rolling and acme-threading.

●    Made of rigid material
●    A versatile and affordable gear puller set
●    A value for money product
●    Two different positionings and three different reach
●    Comes disassembled

Bottom line

If assembling a gear puller is not an issue for you, and you want a set of three different pullers, go for this one!

3. ABN 3-Jaw Set of 3 Gear Puller– 3”, 4”, and 6.”

ABN 3-Jaw Set of 3 Gear Puller– 3”, 4”, and 6.”

It’s also a set of three-jaw gear pullers having the exact measurement-  3”, 4”, and 6”. This set from ABN features a multiposition design like the previous one. And the jaw reach is also common among these gear pullers. They are made of hardened steel and can fit in a short or long position according to your specific needs without impacting the gears. Hence, durability is a common feature for this rigidly constructed puller.

It has reversible jaws, which could be used for inside or outside pulling. Hand wrenches, combination spanners, or ratchets are compatible with the pullers to pull the bearings. The 3-inch puller requires a 14mm wrench, the 4-inch puller needs a 15mm, and the 6-inch one needs a 17mm wrench.

●    Sturdy construction
●    Multiposition design fits a variety of gears
●    Affordable set of three different-sized gears
●    It could have been better with locknuts

Bottom line

If you want a rigid gear pulling tool, this is the go.

4. Sunex 3909 10-Ton Hydraulic Gear Puller

Sunex 3909 10-Ton Hydraulic Gear Puller

Our last pick is a set of eight different gear pullers with two and three pulling jaws. It’s a hydraulic gear puller kit from Sunex International. This multipurpose pulling kit is made of CR-MO or Chromium-Molybdenum Steel. This material provides superior strength and better performance to the gear puller compared to the regular one. Therefore, it is capable of bearing a 1-ton pulling force.

This kit can make eight different pulling combinations. It is suitable for professional-level gear removing tasks. The hydraulic ram has fierce strength to take extreme workloads in an automobile workshop. It comes with a blow mold case. This industry-standard gear puller does its job like a breeze.

●    Extended sturdiness
●    Reasonable pricing
●    Broder usability at a professional level
●    Easy transportation with the carry box
●    Nothing found

Bottom line

If you’re searching for an ultimate two and three-jaw gear puller, don’t wait anymore. This is the right choice for versatile gear puller accessories.

These gear pullers are the best among all the other variations to do the job perfectly. Therefore, pick the one that fits best for your job.

How To Choose A Best Gear Puller

Gear pullers come in various shapes and sizes and even in sets of three. So, choosing the right fit for your job is seemingly tricky; however, not with the following buying guide. So, we recommend you get through the guideline and then pick the best gear puller.


Material plays a significant role in the construction of a gear puller. Choose a bearing puller that is made of tough stuff. It will be durable and suitable for heavy-duty work. Moreover, a sturdy gear puller can be used over a variety of fields.


Be considerate about the model you are choosing if it would be compatible with your work and future projects. There are two-jaw, three-jaw, hydraulic, mechanical, and internal pullers that are used in various ways.

Storage Box

Storage boxes are handy. However, don’t make them a priority when choosing the suitable bearing puller for your work. If you have a set of bearing pullers, a kit box will help carry them to the workplace. It can be stored in the car easily. Additionally, as you put your kits together, there will be less chance to lose them.


Gear pullers also come in sets of multiple sizes. Get a tool that can be used for multiple purposes rather than a single-use if possible. If you do mechanical work regularly and have to remove different parts of a car using a gear puller, this tip will come in handy.


Now you may think a cheap product may meet your needs while saving you some bucks. Most cheap products don’t have sturdy construction to be used for a long time. As a result, you will have to buy a new gear puller soon. But a quality gear puller will serve the purpose regularly without breaking apart. However, it will cost you a little bit more.


1.  Is a gear puller the same as a bearing puller?

Gear pullers and bearing pullers have a similar mechanism. However, they may have a different design using guidelines.

2.  What is a 3-jaw puller used for?

A 3-jaw puller with three arms to grab a bearing is used to remove bearings from a machine. Sometimes parts of a machine could be jammed or hard to remove. A three-jaw puller has better pulling power than a two-jaw gear puller.

3.  Can you use a gear puller to remove bearings?

Yes! You can use gear pullers to remove jammed or worn-out bearings.

Final Words

When choosing a puller, consider the size of the part to be removed and the available space to fit the gear puller. Always choose the largest possible to position the jaws around the outside of the part to be pulled. Tight spaces like the engine base will fit the two-jaw puller.

The best gear pulling kits make the job easy and less time-consuming. So, if you want your life to be a little less tiring and troublesome, get one of the gear pullers from the list and thank me later. Also, apply grease on the treads of the metal rod to prevent any damage to your gear puller.

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