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Best Lever Grease Guns Of 2022

Machines and vehicles tend to get jammed in many different ways. This is where proper lubrication is required to make things work smoothly. It is done with the help of a grease gun. A grease gun is an ideal tool to make sure the bearing, fittings and other necessary components are well lubricated.

Manually lubricating something might not be a viable option. This is where a lever grease gun works best and keeps your workflow smooth. Lever action grease guns work with a lever attached to the gun itself. The use is fairly easy and most importantly, it is amongst the affordable options.

Top 3 Best Lever Grease Guns

Today we will be naming some of the best lever grease guns available on the market. Don’t go anywhere and read through for more information.

1. Lincoln 1147 Heavy Duty Lever-Action Manual Grease Gun

Lincoln 1147 Heavy Duty Lever-Action Manual Grease Gun

If you are looking for a durable grease gun, the Lincoln 1147 is one wonderful piece of equipment to have at your service. This particular greasing tool is made of a cast-iron head that works without trouble. The rugged design of it makes it a long-lasting tool no matter the circumstances.

This unit provides positive priming due to the extra heavy follower spring. It also ensures uninterrupted pumping action. The good thing about it is that it has a jam-free lever mechanism, so you will be able to work without facing any obstruction. It will run and last for a longer period.

If you face issues with the thickness of the grease, suppose hardened grease or contaminated one, you can easily clean it through its accessible check valve. It comes with a premium dual lip follower that cuts down the grease bypass and ensures all the grease is being used to perfection without being wasted.

Key Features

  • Cast iron pump head provides power and sturdiness
  • Fits 14.5 ounces of cartridge lube or 16 ounces of bulk fluid
  • Comes with an 18-inch flex hose with a coupler to reach tighter areas
  • Can be loaded with filler pump, cartridge or suction
  • Maximum operating pressure 10,000 psi
●    Durable construction
●    Does not jam when in service
●    No grease spilling, thus provides a clean walkthrough
●    Fluent priming and uninterrupted pumping 
●    Easy to clean
●    Affordable price
●    Minor complaints about leaking oil

2. Lucas Heavy Duty Lever Aluminum Grease Gun Kit

Lucas Heavy Duty Lever Aluminum Grease Gun Kit

The Lucas Heavy duty Lever Aluminium Grease gun kit is one affordable set of tools any worker would like to have. Not only because it comes at a good price, but it does also have excellent functionality.

Let’s get to its construction- it’s lightweight and easy to carry. The barrel is made of anodised aluminium. It also comes with an aluminium die-cast head. The Lucas grease gun has efficient working pressure to suit different kinds of workloads. It has a working pressure of 4500 psi and a maximum pressure of 10,000 psi.

It has a flexible hose, suitable for heavy-duty tasks, so you can work from different angles and master tight spaces no matter how grinding the job is. A grease pipe along with a coupler adds to its flexibility. The lever on this unit is made of heavy-duty aluminium. You don’t have to worry about deformation or even getting stuck in between work.

This lever grease gun can be used in automobile workshops, industrial use and much more. It supports a 14-ounce standard cartridge for lube storage.

Key Features

  • Decent operating pressure, 4500-10000 psi
  • Flexible 12 inch hose for more reach
  • Uses standard 14-ounce cartridge
  • The barrel and head is constructed of top graded aluminium
  • Rugged aluminium lever action
●    Reasonable price
●    Sturdy grease gun
●    Can be used for various purpose
●    Adequate lubrication storage 
●    Sufficient pressure
●   Lightweight design
●   Rust free body
●    Some say the handle bends and breaks after a few use
●    Needs a better connector

3. LockNLube Lever Grip Grease Gun

LockNLube Lever Grip Grease Gun

This is a grease gun that can produce 10000 psi of pressure with a single pull on the lever. This unit comes with a LockNLube coupler that can be locked into place to avoid leakage once it is connected to the lubrication fitting. It doesn’t deteriorate under pressure and stays in place. It is easy to release with just the thumb lever.

There is a loop and lock storage zerk to keep the coupler clean and safe when it’s not in use. It prevents contamination of the lube. The best thing about it is that it comes with a 20-inch high duty hose, longer than any other grease gun you will find. A high-quality hose swivel resists damage to the pipe and gives you the power to manoeuvre the pipe anyway you like. Along with it, you will also get a grease coupler. Adding to positives there is a coupler rebuilding kit.

With this gun, you can accommodate 16 ounces of grease, which is a decent amount of storage during work. You can also fit a 14 oz cartridge in this lever gun. The loading system is fairly easy, use bulk method or pumping technique as per your preference.  

Key Features

  • 10000 PSI of maximum pressure
  • Can be filled up with 16 ounces of bulk or with a 14-ounce cartridge
  • A 20-inch extensive hose helps to reach intricate space
  • Loading option – cartridge, suction, bulk
  • Includes bulk load port and air bleed valve
●    Doesn’t leak when locked onto any kind of grease fitting
●    Storage zerk on the head for convenient storage and safety
●   Longer hose for better functionality
●   The pipes do not twist or break
●    Adequate pressure
●   Stores large quantity of grease
●   Easy loading system
●   Well built grease gun
●   Spare rubber seal kit
●   1-year warranty
●    Price on the higher end compared to other grease guns
●    Tip too long and wide. Some people find it hard to utilise in tighter space

The Best Lever Grease Guns Buying Guide: Choosing the Right Model

Lubrication is important when it comes to smoothing nuts, bolts and other components. To do it perfectly you must have the best lever grease gun. Before you go on to purchase one, you must consider some important criteria, such as.


First of all, look for a unit that is made of high-grade materials and not something cheap. Don’t go for plastics or similar construction. We prefer solid and sturdy units made of High cast aluminium just like the Lucas product in our list. Its barrel is made of anodised aluminium and the head is made of die-cast aluminium, providing utmost durability.

Hose Length

Hose length is very important when you are lubricating a machine. Suppose you are working on a machine, it is likely to have difficult cornerings and spaces that can be hard to reach. This is where a longer hose comes in handy. Grease guns with a long hose can reach tighter spaces without any obstacles. Guns usually come with varying hose sizes from 12, 18 to even 20+ inches. We prefer you buy something that extends to a good length like the Lincoln 1147 in our list. It comes with an 18-inch flex hose for better performance.

Pressure Rating

For the grease to come out smoothly from the gun, the pressure must be high enough so that it doesn’t get stuck. Grease guns need to work at high pressure and you will find different PSI ratings on such guns. Some might work well at 4500 psi and some at 7000 psi. We prefer you go for something that has a supportive range, such as the Lucas heavy duty grease gun in the list. It has a working pressure of 4500 and can be maximised to 10000 psi depending on the workflow.

Cartridge Capacity

With good, high volume storage, you will likely work efficiently rather than having low storage. You don’t want to be changing or refilling the grease unit too often. It’s a hassle and disturbs the flow. Therefore, we prefer you go for something that has large bulk storage or cartridge capacity. Most grease guns come with a 14 oz capacity which is sufficient for most work. Check out the LIncoln 1147, it has 14.5-ounce cartridge support and a 16-ounce bulk limit.


Which is the best lever grease gun?

As per our preference, we say the Lincoln 1147 or the Lucas heavy duty grease gun are excellent tools. They have all the necessary features from sufficient pressure, hose length, materials and adequate capacity.

How much pressure does a grease gun produce?

As we mentioned, grease guns have varying pressure depending on the model. Pressure up to 10000 psi is suitable for work. Some bearing seals can handle pressure up to 500 psi, so be careful to utilise the pressure of your gun and not waste it unnecessarily.

How to take care of a grease gun?

Make sure you store it in the right way. Cartridge tubes must be placed upright to avoid the spilling of liquid. With a loaded cartridge, depressurise the gun and clean it before placing it carefully on a horizontal plane.

How do I determine the right quantity of grease to fill the lever grease gun with?

Utilise the maximum bulk storage and cartridge size. If you are working on a small scale project, you can half fill it but you might have to refill too often. We prefer you store it to the maximum volume. If there is grease left after use. Depressurise the canister and store it safely so that you can use it again without wasting it.

Final Verdict

Now that you have read this article, you know some of the best lever grease guns to make your lubricating task easier. These items we have mentioned are all made of quality materials and are stacked with positive features for optimum functionality. Grease guns are essential and it’s better to have one rather than trying to lubricate a component manually. There is no better alternative to a leaver grease gun, so what are you waiting for? Grab one and give life to the moving parts.

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