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Best Pneumatic Rivet Guns

If you work in the construction site, woodworking or automobile industry, you know how important it is to have a rivet gun by your side. Affixing one material with another is what you do in this kind of job.

Fastening metals is one of the crucial tasks and needs to be taken care of. A riveting tool is a useful gadget that can help you tighten metal parts with rivets.

With cush a tool it becomes easier to take care of your bikes, boats and all other things that use rivets. For DIYers working at home, this tool is a must-have item to make things easier for them while working at home.

Today we will be looking at some of the best pneumatic rivet guns available in the market. Bear with us and check out the products.

Top 3 Pick

1. Astro Pneumatic Tool 1442
2. Astro Pneumatic Tool PR14 Air Riveter
3. Astro Pneumatic Tool 1423 1/4″ Heavy Duty 13″ Hand Riveter

6 Best Pneumatic Rivet Guns

1. Astro Pneumatic Tool 1442

Astro Pneumatic Tool 1442 13 inch Hand Rivet Nut Setter Kit

As we already stated, Astro is a renowned and reliable brand. The Pneumatic tool 1442 is another riveting tool that boasts all good features.

This is one user-friendly riveter that weighs only 3 pounds. It has a Toolless quick change head design that allows you to change nose-pieces and mandrels without using any other tool.

With its ergonomic design, you can easily carry the Astro 1442 in any given condition. It has a unique spring-loaded inner hex sleeve that locks the rotation of hand installed mandrels. It has a short handle with double compound hinges for extensive leverage.

The compatibility of this tool is commendable. It comes with 6 interchangeable mandrels and nosepieces. It can work with M4, M5, M8 metric rivet nuts as well as 10-24, ¼-20 and 5/16-18 nuts. For off-road use and car maintenance, this is one hell of a good tool to have on your collection.

This is one powerful rivet gun when it comes to tightening rivets. This gadget maximizes the leverage and multiplies the pulling force. You don’t have to worry about the workload anymore.

When you set the nuts, it provides a permanent threaded solution for fastening and unfastening the bolts. Stop worrying about unfastened units when you are off-road or having to maintain your bike or car. We love this durable tool for its serviceability and the convenience of different circumstances.

●    Versatile riveting tool
●    Good for off-road modifications, bike maintenance, body panels, firewall additions etc.
●    Provides maximum leverage
●    Has a decent pulling force
●    Comes with interchangeable rivet nuts
●    Shorter handles for ease of use
●    Sturdy construction
●    Ease of use
●    Body alloy is softer and wears after some use
●    Proper mandrel adjustment can be hard to achieve

2. Astro Pneumatic Tool PR14 Air Riveter

Astro Pneumatic Tool PR14 Air Riveter

If your job is to serve the fabrication shops, body shops and other industrial use, you are looking at one of the best pneumatic rivet guns. The Astro PR14 is one of its kind and is a winner straight out of the box.

This tool comes with an extensive variety of nosepieces that makes it extremely versatile. ¼’’, 3/16’’,5/32’’, ⅛’’ and 3/32’’. It has a nosepiece carrier in the base, therefore you can carry up to 3 pins for your convenience.

If you need power, look o further, this is one top-notch power tool that has durability and speed at the same time. It can be used from different angles, therefore you can easily work with it without having to worry about reaching tight spaces.

The PR14 delivers up to 2400-2600 lbs of pulling force, which can cement a ¼ inch rivet in no time. It has a quick-release valve that allows the cylinder to return for high-speed assembly operations, curbing the chances of overloading.

We like this tool because of the diversity. You can grind on stainless steel, aluminium or any given material and it won’t budge. It comes with a substantial pulling force. The good thing is it has a wide array of nosepiece selections to suit your work needs.

●    Nose piece storage
●    Removable base
●    Significant pulling force
●    Can function from any angles
●    High-speed assembly operation due to quick release feature
●    Durable and speedy tool
●    Includes different sizes of nose-pieces
●    Decent pricing & Lightweight
●    Head sizes are metric and not standard
●    Some complaints about the jaws slipping and getting jammed

3. Astro Pneumatic Tool 1423 1/4″ Heavy Duty 13″ Hand Riveter

Astro Pneumatic Tool 1423 quarter inch Heavy Duty 13 inch Hand Riveter

 If you are looking for a heavy-duty hand riveter, this Astro Pneumatic tool has to be on the top of your list. It is a brand name you can certainly rely on. Astro is a reliable brand that manufactures top of the line functional tools.

This 1423 model offers sufficient pressure and force for riveting purposes. It is the shortest, a full capacity riveter in the market. Using this tool requires less space to work on window regulators and hood struts.

It has shorter handles and comes with double compound hinges that increase the overall leverage. If you are worried about it being too short and small compared to other tools, don’t worry. 1423 can operate up to ¼ inches stainless steel rivets.

A versatile and powerful tool that can work on large diameters without a hitch. We chose this product because of its functionality and diversity. It comes with 5 different nose pieces ⅛ inch, 5/32 inch, 3/16 inch, 6.00mm and ¼ inch. The best thing about it is that it can handle any materials such as stainless, copper or aluminium rivets.

●    Different nose-piece sizes
●    Versatile tool
●    Short long arm riveter
●    Shorter handle for maximum leverage
●    Smaller size, large capacity
●    Works on any ranging materials
●    Takes less space for intricate jobs
●    Some complaints about rivet shafts getting stuck on the jaws
●    Slips at times while grabbing the rivet mandrel

4. Astro Pneumatic Tool PRN1 3/8″ Capacity Pneumatic Rivet Nut Setting Kit

Astro Pneumatic Tool PRN1 3-8 inch Capacity Pneumatic Rivet Nut Setting Kit

Looking for a rivet gun that works like magic? Well, the Astro PRN1 is something that has every bit of good features stacked in it. The best thing is, it comes with a tool kit that allows you to set up the way you need it.

It has a maximum capacity of M10 ⅜ inches steel and aluminium rivet nuts, M6 ¼ inch stainless rivet nuts. To add to your convenience, this rivet gun comes with 8 different mandrel and nosepiece sizes such as M4, M5, M6, M8, M10, ¼’’, 5/16’’, ⅜’’.

Setting up the rivets is made easier with this powerful tool. Instantly set the rivet nuts with just one pull of the trigger. Set and unset the rivet nuts with the free spinning rear wheel that also keeps the mandrel lubricated.

The PRN1 has a mammoth instant air-hydraulic pulling force of 2680, which can be used to work heavy loads.

We prefer this rivet gun because it is comfortable to carry. It has a good grip and most importantly it comes with all the best features. A wide array of nosepiece compatibility and a good pulling force makes this a handy equipment for offroad work and maintenance tasks.

●    Comes with a wide range of nosepieces
●    Sets the rivet nuts in a flash
●    Fastening and unfastening is easy with this tool
●    Suitable hydraulic pulling force
●    Includes a setting kit
●    Solid construction
●    Works well on different materials
●    Suitable for large projects
●    A bit heavy
●    Takes a lot of attachments to assemble

5. DoubleSun Heavy Duty Air Hydraulic Riveter

DoubleSun Heavy Duty Air Hydraulic Riveter

Work for long hours without tiring your hands with the DoubleSun Hydraulic riveter. It is designed ergonomically and has a comfortable grip for better hold. This is a lightweight instrument and can be carried around easily.

The hydraulic drive makes this unit a workhorse and cuts out excessive labour. This tool has a substantial pulling force, sturdy construction, wear resistance feature making it a lucrative pick. It has a working stroke of 16mm, suitable for different rivet nuts.

It performs well on different angles and has a simple operation. This tool performs a high-speed assembly operation with its quick-release air valve and tail transparent container for quick release of rivet ends.

 You can work on aluminium, copper or any other materials, this rivet gun is built to last long. We have put this on the out list because it is reliable, comes with a 1-year warranty and lifetime maintenance. There are several different rivet nose pieces you can attach to it. It has no vibration technology and comfortable hand use.

●    Replaceable steel teeth
●    Low noise function
●    Comfortable hand operation
●    No vibration technology
●    Improves work efficiency through spring circuit, air circuit and oil return design
●    Made of high-quality synthetic materials
●    Lightweight
●    Considerably high pulling power
●    Can be used in different working environments
●    Some say that it is a light-duty tool that works on small soft rivets

●    Complaints about missing parts. Make sure you check the item

6. Astro Pneumatic Tool 4980 0.498″ Shank Super Duty Air Hammer/Riveter

Astro Pneumatic Tool 4980 0.498 inch Shank Super Duty Air Hammer-Riveter

Equipped with state of the art technology the Astro Pneumatic Tool Superduty Air Hammer Riveter is a wonderful choice when it comes to binding materials.

This air hammer is built for industrial use, heavy-duty off-road usage and automotive applications. This unit is best suited for removing and installing rivets in i-beam suspension, on-site equipment, springs, kingpins, truck bushings and other heavy-duty materials.

It comes with a spring retainer and has a speed of 1800 RPM. This rivet gun has a stroke of 2-11/16’’ and a Bore of ¾ inch to work according to your needs.

We have placed this item on our list because of its ease of use. It can be used using a single trigger and there are no other unnecessary attachments or levers to it. It is powerful enough to work on truck bushings and suspensions. So if you are looking for a well built, useful tool, this is it.

●    Speedy tool
●    Robust construction
●    Heavy-duty unit
●    Easy trigger control
●    Packs a punch
●    Works like a hammer
●    Expensive

●    Some complaints about the handles cracking open, air leaks from the grip

How to Buy Rivets? – Best Pneumatic Rivet Guns Buying Guide

Before you go out to spend your money on the best pneumatic rivet guns, you must consider some important factors to get the best out of your tool, such as.

Ease of use

Something easy and comfortable to carry is what you need. Riveters with adequate gripping have to be your priority. Rivets layered with rubber handles are comfortable to carry and use safely. The weight of the riveter is another important aspect. Go for a lightweight option if you are into DIY projects.


Rivet guns come in different sizes. If you are going to use the riveter in DIY projects and households, you better go for the small units. They are compact and can be used to reach critical areas without much effort. Larger units are best suited for commercial projects and need a bit of strength to carry them.


The better the materials the more durable the rivet tends to be. Always pick a rivet made of aluminium. They are lightweight and strong. Aluminium riveters can be used for a longer period. You can also go for units made of iron or steel depending on your preference.

Rivet Compatibility

Always go for a versatile riveter, something that is compatible with a variety of rivet sizes. Not all gadgets support varying sizes, so you better check the specifications and be sure it supports the size you will be working on.


What is a pneumatic riveter?

Pneumatic riveter works with compressed air for fixing rivets. Simply by pulling the trigger, the compressed air inside the unit propels the rivet and cements it into place.

Are rivets stronger than screws?

No! Rivets lack the strength compared to screws. Screws are stronger due to more cross-section coverage.

Final Verdict

If you are looking to affix the metal parts of your bike, automobile or other material into place, there is no better alternative than the best pneumatic rivet guns. Rivet guns are easy to use and of no hassle compared to welding, brazing, using nuts-bolts and adhesives. In our review section, we have mentioned top-notch pneumatic rivet guns. These items will surely make your fastening task a trouble-free experience. Astro products that we have mentioned are some of the finest tools available on the market, check them out. Grab one according to your liking and start joining the loose parts in a flash.

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