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In the 2000s, Satoshi Nakamoto took advantage of these developments. There are assumptions that this is not a real person, but there could be a group of people who have united one goal and a common pseudonym. During the painstaking work in 2008, Bitcoin saw the light. Initially, a technical description of the currency and the primary code version were published. The transactional basis was taken by the blockchain system, based on the work of scientists of the last century. A database has been developed that stores all the transactions that have been conducted ever, but information about the individuals who committed them has not been disclosed and remains anonymous.

History by years: bitcoins in dollars

All copies of databases are stored in special bitcoin-purses, which users use. In 2009, the first wallet was created by Satoshi Nakamoto. All transactions that were successfully completed are written to the block, which is then connected to the shared chain. After registration, the user receives his unique code, which he can later use to receive electronic currency. It is thanks to this code that the user is anonymous.

One of the leading roles in this scheme is played by so-called miners. Thanks to them, new blocks are created. Mining includes the solution of a number of different mathematical problems, because of which the miners use the most powerful computing resources that are on computers with special equipment. For the creation of blocks, a certain fee is given in the form of interest, etc. Pioneer miners had the ability only to generate virtual money bitcoin and transfer them one to one.

Bitcoins predictions

Rate bitcoin 2009: sailed from 700 to 1600 units for 1 USD. The calculation was made based on the power consumption of the processor and its value at that time. All this was divided into the total number of BTCs that were created by the miners.

The year 2010 was notable for the appearance of the first service for buying crypto currency – Bitcoin Market. And at the end of spring this year, the first purchase for crypto currency was made. The user purchased two pizzas worth 10,000 BTC. Most likely he soon regretted it, tk. already since July 2010, the value of the crypto currency has increased dramatically, and 10,000 BTC, so recklessly spent on pizza, began to cost about 600 USD. Such growth in the cost of bitcoin was provoked by the growth of those who wish to purchase them, after the publication of information on electronic currencies on the Slashdot portal. After this, the first MtGox exchange appears, where you could not only buy cue bottles, but also make an exchange for real money. The rate of BTC continues to grow rapidly.

Bitcoins trading: different years

February 2011 was marked by the fact that the dollar exchange rate and bitcoin equaled. And in March, exchanges opened, allowing you to exchange BTC for the Brazilian real and the British pound. Readers of the popular edition of Time, learned about bitcoin from its pages in April. And in the same month the volume of the BTC market exceeded $ 10 million. In the summer, bitcoin suffered significantly from the hands of hackers who staged a real round-up on it. The MtGox database was hacked and a number of major thefts and break-ins were performed, which reduced the cost of BTC to one cent. However, even this moment managed to survive and after a week the prices were restored.
Then followed a major conference in New York, it was dedicated to the bitcoins and the convenience of their use. The next conference was held in Prague, and then the largest editions such as Forbes, The Economist and the New York Times published information on Bitcoin in their positive pages on their pages. All these events influenced the way that bitcoin was considered as an alternative to traditional currencies.

Bitcoins exchange

However, the trust in electronic money was significantly undermined by a certain trading platform, where participants were paid by bitcoins for drugs, weapons, secret data from bank cards, and also prohibited pornographic materials. There were user statements that on the Silk Road site, there are ads that sell human organs and services to the killer. During its work, Silk Road earned about $ 15 million and about a million deals were made in the amount of 9.5 million bitcoins. The search for the founder of this service, Ross William Ulbricht, ended in his arrest in October 2013.

But even though these two projects were closed, very often bitcoin is used to conduct various kinds of shadow deals. This still continues to have a negative impact on attempts to introduce and distribute crypto currency bitcoin. The year 2013 was full of ups and downs. At the beginning of the year and until April, the bitcoin rate grew significantly, but then a sharp drop occurred. The next sharp decline in value occurred in October, after the closure of Silk Road.

Bitcoins for free

What about bitcoins cost. As for the identity of the creator, Satoshi Nakamoto, it has still not been revealed. Although there were several quite suitable candidates for this role, but the information was not confirmed. If you want to know cost of bitcoin in different currencies you can find bitcoins mining calculator in Internet. So, 1 bitcoins to USD = 7444.99 United States Dollar.

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