Bitcoin’s definition

In modern world, more and more important role play innovations. They are going to become even the sense of our life. Influence of the technologies now is much bigger than in previous two hundred years. Things that were invented yesterday are going to become old-fashioned and uselesstomorrow. It is a usual result of the development of resent thirty years. At this period have appeared one of the most important and revolutionary technology that have just changed our liveto unrecognizable condition.

To proof this thesis will not take a lot of time and examples. Impact of the internet is so big that we ca even not realize it very well. Moreover, our life is built around the internet. Imagine the life without social networks. Imagine the situation of doing modern business with no internet. You will not have so comfortable technologies as online shopping, spread use of credit cards, online mail and so on. All these things we are perceiveas a normal reflection of ordinary life. However, they appeared not so long ago. Internet came to our life only twenty years ago. In some parts of the world ten years ago, most part of the population had no computers at their homes. If to compare to the current situation, launching to the internet is easier to do then to find healthy food or any type of outdoor gym. If o take also into the consideration that fact that mobile internet is developing faster that in its time usual one – in some time, perhaps, everyone on the Earth is going to have internet on his or her gadgets.

Nevertheless, the biggest advantage of the internet technology is that made real to create new things on its platform and solve problems that had been unreal before. For example, now you can speak with your family or friends wherever you can be and take care only about the difference in time. Another good example is that the spreading of the knowledges is becoming very easy. In some countries, you even can achieve a degree never go to the university – everything is available online. Just pass the tests and become graduated. In addition, all these is a reality – it is not imagination of the freaks. Just launch the internet and make real all dreams that you have had in youth.

There is also one very popular problem that can be solved by the internet and computer science by the wish of some group of people. It is common currency. Obviously, it is not very comfortable in modern globalized world to use different units and exchange them a lot. It is problem not only for the tourists, but also fir the big corporations that are losing big part of their costs doing transactions in different currencies. However, there is one technology, which potentially can solve this problem – it is Bitcoin or other type of a cryptocurrency.

The developer of bitcoins Satoshi Nakamoto have realized it on the technology of distributed ledger or better to clarify on its variant – Blockchain. Before the considering, the bitcoins definition and make bitcoins forecast e should understand how exactly it works Distributed leger technology makes real the realizing of saving of the information in different places and make it safe from being hacked. It is one of the most progressive branch of computer science in resent time. Blockchain is working on the same platform, but the specific that defers it from other types of the distributed leger technology is that is save the information in the blocks that are united in chain. Crating that chain, you are achieving the program you want to. Beside the cryptocurrency, it is also used in smart contracts, which are also very important innovation in previous years.

Bitcoins millionaires invest in this technology because of its current level of security and because of it quick work. There are also a lot of ad on the internet just like “bitcoins for dummies – invest and achieve wealth”, “bitcoins value chart are going to rise – do not miss your chance”, “bitcoins – how to make money quickly” and so on. Nevertheless, is it truth? Is there any bitcoins machine near me that will make me rich?

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that does not have centralized management and issuers. Digitally signed transactions between the two nodes are transmitted to all peer-to-peer nodes, and the transfer data itself is stored in a distributed database. Cryptographic methods are used twice to prevent the possibility of spending someone else’s money or using their funds. To protect this entire scheme Bitcoin is limited in amount of coins. The more users are coming on this market – the less you can earn. If also take into consideration bitcoins history you will see that there is no official place to exchange it. Finally, is it a good place to invest? Maybe two years ago it was truth. However, in the near future – doubts are really high.

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