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Can You Lose Weight from Skateboarding?- The Myth Not Anymore!

The most common question we have heard from bulky people is, can you lose weight from skateboarding? The answer is a straightforward yes. To back this claim, we will be discussing some important pointers in the latter part.
Skating is a variation of the exercise even if you feel it is not like any orthodox exercise. Where you have to use your body parts and go through excessive drills to burn the fat, skating has its benefits and a meticulous way of dealing with weight loss. In reality, any kind of sport where you use your body to move forward physically has to be a calorie burner.

Is skateboarding a good exercise?

Skateboarding is indeed a great exercise. Professional health experts believe that skating is a rigorous form of workout. Just like we mentioned above, it is not just standing on a plant and moving automatically. If you have ever tried to stand and roll forward on a skateboard, you know how much exertion it requires to get it moving accurately.
If you love tricks and stunts, then it’s even better because there will be a lot of hops, turns and varying movements. This burns more calories than just standing idle. That being said, idle bodies on a skate plank moving forward can burn a decent amount of extra fat.

To keep it balanced your abdominal area and the backside works in sync to give you a proper posture. Let us assure you that it is not a cakewalk. It does make you sweat for good. Your core muscles are at work all the time whenever you are skating. Balancing and moving on rough surfaces, even smooth ones, doest have its benefits.
When performing tricks like jumps, ollies, flips, turns and such, your quad muscle and hip flexors gain a lot of pressure and positively retain strength. More like doing squats and rope skipping.

Can you lose weight skateboarding?

Yes, you can lose weight by skateboarding. If you plan to go for a serious weight loss, you better pick up the pace and your work hours on the board. That being said, try to skate every day for at least 1 hour. Try it for a week, you might notice changes. Go on for a month and you will be surprised with the results.

When it comes to skating, you will burn calories if you are adamant about it. Skating is fun and tedious too. There are lots of core movements and flexing on the muscles that help to strengthen and shape your body.

Keep up the aggression and work different moves, don’t just standstill. Make sure to maintain a healthy diet to boost your immune system. Following this routine, you will be building muscles and losing excessive weight in no time.

What muscles does a skateboard work?

Skateboarding strengthens and helps to develop leg muscles. Your knees become extended with the work of calf muscles and quadriceps. Did you know that you perform plantar flexion when you move your toes downward or upwards to push the board? Your tibialis anticus muscles are also at work when you twist and turn on the board.

When you move from a tilted crouching position to a more perpendicular posture and vice versa. The muscle name gluteus maximus gets triggered and your buttock and hip formulate giving you stronger posture and stability. Maintaining the center of gravity is important while skating, thus your body needs to adjust to various positions from almost sitting down to bending back to a straight posture. You get to flex your knees because of the hamstring. This is where the hamstring gets a thorough workout.

Your quads (quadricep muscles) and core muscles always work when you are on the skateboard. Your core will have to go through rigorous work as you do tricks on the skateboard. From flexing kee to twisting the hip flexors, the quad muscles do the trick. Your core muscle keeps your upper body and lower body in balance. If you have ridden a skateboard ever, you know how tedious it can be at times. Your core might start hurting, but that’s natural and healthy because the work is being done on these muscles.

How many calories does skateboarding burn?

Your body can cut out 800 calories per hour. Don’t believe it? You should! The number varies depending on your work rate on the board and taking into account your body movements, jumps, tricks and the number of hours you spent skateboarding.
Simply strolling on the skateboard at a good pace can cut up to 400 calories magically. Let us remind you that skateboarding will not burn calories as much as cycling would do, but whatever it is, the burn rate is pretty high for a leisure sport. If you roll on the board for 5-6 hours in a single week. Your body can burn up to 15k to 22k calories within that time frame.
The Harvard Medical team has tested and had trials on how many calories skateboarding burns. They have come to a finding that it depends on varying weight classes and time on the board. For example, a 125-pound person will lose about 300 Kilocalories in an hour. Therefore 600 in 2 hours respectively. People weighing 150 pounds or so can lose up to 350-370 calories. A heavy person who is around 180 pounds will ease off 400-450 kCal in one hour. Imagine doing it for two hours, you burn 900 kilocalories.


Are heavy/bulky riders suitable for skating?

Yes! Skateboarding doesn’t restrict you no matter your age or weight. Anyone can enjoy skateboarding. There is a wide array of selection of skateboards for kids to adults, from thin people to huge tall body structures.
No one should shy away from skateboarding. Haven’t you seen the likes of Rob Ferens, Brian Wenning and Stu Graham? They can be role models for many. Just take a look around, you will find people with ranging body sizes enjoying a skate ride.
So what’s stopping you? If you are ever looking for skateboards that can carry a weighty body, check out the Complete skateboards for big guys. You will find some of the best skating boards that can gracefully handle heavyweights at will.

Final verdict

You won’t burn calories by simply standing still on a skateboard, you have to work your way instead. Your body must go through numerous movements and have that aggressiveness in terms of sweating it out. One important thing to alleviate calorie burn is to have a balanced nutritional diet. It will make sure you are healthy at all times and yet lose the excessive fat of your body.
So if you ever think of asking, can you lose weight from skateboarding? You already know the answer to it. We suggest you start fresh, start with a positive frame of mind, don’t let bodyweight pull you down. Try to manage at least 1 hour on the skateboard daily and 6-7 hours a week to see changes in your body weight.

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