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Can You Start A Fire With A Flashlight? 

Imagine going on a survival trip and finding it hard to get access to accessories to light up a fire. How are you going to survive the cold chilly mornings? You don’t have to be looking for a stone rubbing technique or flint burnings. 

Finding all these can be tricky if you’re in the wild or an unknown zone. Most travelers carry a flashlight with them nowadays, this is what saves them in many ways. Now you might be wondering what a flashlight can do? It is used to project light, but why fire? 

Why not? If you are in dire need of an emergency fire for camping, cooking or any basic needs. It can help you to light up the fire as well, but there are techniques. Today we will talk about all these in this article. 

How many lumens does it take to start a fire?

You will be surprised to know that one candle lumen power is 12.57 units. Whereas a mini flashlight can boast 15 or so. Guess what? A heavy-duty flashlight can give about 1000 to 2000 lumen power. Isn’t it incredible? It is!

Lumens are for LED and tungsten filament lights, you will find them in flashlights. Not a matchstick. The higher the lumen the easier it is to start the fire. Heat bumps up with the peaking lumen, this helps to burn the fire.

If you are burning paper, you will need a 32000-lumen flashlight. You aren’t doing so. So to start a fire, it’s fair to say that 1000 lumen light is good enough if used in the right way, 2000 even better.

Let us talk about a quality product first to give you a better idea of fire and flashlight use.

OLIGHT S2R II (S2R Upgrade) 1150 Lumen Rechargeable LED Flashlight

OLIGHT S2R II (S2R Upgrade) 1150 Lumen Rechargeable LED Flashlight

Olight is a brand that has been crafting world-class flashlights for years. They ensure quality and safety at all costs. If you are looking to buy one, then the Olight S2R ii is a great choice. With this flash, you can reach a distance of 147 yards, long enough to see things from a great distance. It has an 1150 lumen output, brighter than basic flashlights. You get quality with assurance, what else do you need?

It is lightweight, around 3.4 ounces, and also handy just 3.9 inches in length. Carry it in your palm and guide the light. Worried about charging? Say no more. This light has a magnetic charging system that can light up the battery power in seconds. So you don’t have to stay in the dark for long.

This flashlight has a carry bag, battery carriers, and everything you need to be on the go. It is battery-powered, safe, stylish, and a reliable light source for travelers. 

How do you start a fire with your flashlight?

Now you need to follow a few steps to get it done. Why light fire with a flashlight? The answer has no particular projection to it. You man need fire anytime at any point, So if you don’t have access to medieval skillset. Get your flashlight working. Let’s see some steps to work things out.

Step1: Remove the glass

Without detaching the glass, you won’t be able to do anything. It’s just a light bearer, not a fire sparker. So first move the glass cover from the front. If it’s not removable, break the cover but don’t harm any other part of the flashlight. 

Step 2: Gather some ignitable items 

For example, you can find leaves and dead grass. Something we call tinder, which is grass for camping fires. Well, we will tell you why these leaves or grass are important. First, manage all these and then move to the next step.

Step 3: Break the bulb

Detach the bulb from the inside, it is of no use. Break it if necessary. You can always have a new one attached as it is widely available. You will need hollow space to stack up the tinder or dead leaves. Therefore, the bulb is in no way necessary. Keep it detached, you can put it later if you don’t break. 

Step 4: Fill up the hollow with the tinder

If you are already worried about your light getting damaged, don’t be. It is not. It is on the way to making your life easier. Bear with it. Stack up the tinder grinds on the bulb hole. Make sure to fill the ignitable leaves right to the top. It will work best. Trust us! The paper, leaves, or tinder grinds work like fuel believe it or not. 

Step 5: Light it up

Now you have to be careful and brave. Just kidding, it’s not rocket science. If you’ve followed the steps above, then turning the button should heat the tinder pieces and slowly start the fire. With a 1000-lumen light like OLIGHT 1150 lumen light, it is going to perform wonders.  

Never panic, it might take time, but it will work. Flashlights have a huge lumen capacity and they will surely burn the dead leaves to ignite a fire. So keep calm and let it do the job. 

Step 6: The fire 

The process above should already give you fire burning with ease. Once you have used it for good, then make sure to turn it off and dust off all the blacked burned remains. Remember, safety first! It’s all about transferring the fire from the tinder, if you’ve mastered the skill it will be a cakewalk for you. 

Step 7: The other way around

We are talking about thousands of lumen. If you can get access to papers, newspapers, dried twigs, or leaves, you can further light up the fire easily without breaking anything. Fold the papers and make them thick. Move 2-3 centimeters away before projecting the light. 

Once the switch is turned on and projected at the paper or leaves, it should start the bang in seconds. You will see smoke rising, fire igniting. 


Dealing with fire you must always be safe first. Keep yourself and others out of harm. Fire is a menacing thing, my friend. Always make sure there are no t=other flammable objects around you, the lumen power can also ignite those things if not used properly.

Wear safety gear like gloves and goggles. You don’t want to burn your hand or damage your eyesight. It’s best to use such techniques in a fire pit, or camping site where it is safe. Stay away from bushes and trees, you don’t want to harm or destroy nature. 

For further protection, keep enough water nearby or a fire extinguisher if possible. These will help to douse the fire if needed. 

Flashlights that start a fire

Good news for you. There are tons of lights available, but we are talking about flashlights that can help you to light the fire. If you visit the market, you will find the product we mentioned above, OLIGHT S2R2. It is one of the best in the business when it comes to flashlight use. Well, wait, there are more.

FlashTorch MIni is another favorite amongst travelers. It is small but it packs a punch. 2300 lumens is enough to give you the brightness you deserve for a lookout or to burn anything anywhere. It is smaller than its compatriots but, God, it is powerful to the core.

 Check out the WOWTAC 3650 lumen flashlight. Aren’t you surprised? 3650 lumens, yes you have seen it right. Just imagine the brightness and how easily you can light a fire with it. 

Thrunite TC15 is another high lumen flashlight that can be a wonderful pick YOu can use it for every situation, 2300 lumens, bright enough for any given task. Spotting things or burning fire. It can do it all.

We have already named a few excellent brands, there are many others. But be sure to buy the best, not the cheapest ones. It will hinder your safety. So be sure to get hold of the best flashlight for starting a fire. Read through the article and your confusion will be further cleared.


Can you start a fire with a flashlight? You know it already if you have read this article. Flashlights are not just light sources for darkness or lookouts. It is the best gadget possible to have if you travel to a darker place or to explore the beautiful night light. But, if you need to light up the fire in a dire situation, flashlights can help you do that. Follow the steps we mentioned, check out the brands we named and we assure you will have a great experience with flashlights. Safety has to be considered, flashlights can cause problems to your eyes if used directly and can cause hazards if used without knowledge. This is why we have written this piece to make things easier for you. Have fun brightening up the world!

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