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Internet have brought us a new world of opportunities, where people can realise themselves in the fields that had not been available in the past. Moreover, we can even say that the life is going online. Nevertheless, one of the biggest places that internet has changed capitally is business. It

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Bitcoins white paper that appeared on the internet in 2009 old us the principles of the working of this cryptocurrency. The developer wanted to present the world his invention that can replace any of current currency on the market. However, in time, the popularity has grown and the possibility of

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Cryptocurrencies are becoming very famous now. More and more economical reviews are related to the changes that they are bringing to the world. In addition, new markets and stock are going to work with Bitcoin, Ethereum, TheCash and so on. Cryptocurrencies are not very old innovation. That is why very

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In modern world, more and more important role play innovations. They are going to become even the sense of our life. Influence of the technologies now is much bigger than in previous two hundred years. Things that were invented yesterday are going to become old-fashioned and uselesstomorrow. It is a

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Bitcoins exchange rate In the 2000s, Satoshi Nakamoto took advantage of these developments. There are assumptions that this is not a real person, but there could be a group of people who have united one goal and a common pseudonym. During the painstaking work in 2008, Bitcoin saw the light.

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Bitcoins price history Bitcoin is known to everyone and is in great demand among crypto-currency investors. But it was not always so. The history of the world’s first crypto currency started in the distant now 2008 and at that time the coin was interested only in its founder and several

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What are bitcoins?  You probably heard the news about the explosive growth of any of the crypto currency. For example, Bitcoin went up 5 times in 2017, and the second most popular crypto currency – Ethereum (Ether), which, incidentally, was invented by the Russian programmer Vitail Buterin, – went up