Bitcoins competition

Cryptocurrencies have burst into our lives extremely rapidly. Bitcoins images are everywhere. It is difficult to find a person, who has a launch to the internet and never heard about Bitcoins and other types of virtual currency. On the internet, there are also even bitcoins competition or different bitcoins games

Is bitcoin a good investment?

Technologies is now one of the most important parts of our life. Major part of world population that is very successful works in developing new things that are going to change our life. The amount of investments were also increased in innovations. However, not all innovations can bring money to

What is bitcoin bubble?

Innovating and progressive technologies are changing our life in the latest time so much, that we can even not realise all consequences that they are giving to us. Cryptocurrency is one of them. This theme became very popular among the people, who see in it a solution in many problems

What is bitcoin’s current price?

What drives the cost of Bitcoin: bitcoins into cash? Markets do not develop linearly. Assets or groups of assets then increase their value, they lose it. Digital assets have their own specifics and differ from other financial instruments. If the price of shares in companies or exchange commodities, such as

How to buy bitcoins?

The course of bitcoin in the last advance flies almost faster than the train from the famous song. However, its course is very unstable, for example, it can suddenly collapse on Wednesday night on Thursday, fixing at around $ 9000, although a day ago was $ 11 thousand. The reason