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How to Install Rivets Without a Rivet Gun?

Rivet nuts can indeed prove to be very challenging to install or even remove, but it can certainly be a piece of cake if you have the right tools or even a rivet gun to get you covered with this work.

However, what if you don’t have any of these advanced tools? Will you still be able to install these rivet nuts?

The answer is yes!

So, here in this article, I’ll be giving you an ultimate guide on how to install rivets without a rivet gun. Therefore, read the entire article to know it all.

What’s a Rivet Nut?

Before we move on to today’s topic, let us first know what a rivet nut is in the first place. Rivet nuts are mainly internally threaded tubular blind rivets.

So, when you install one of these in the drilled hole, you’ll see that these rivets get deformed in such a way that they won’t fall out.

Therefore, these nuts don’t necessarily need additional fastening as these rivets are tight enough to hold themselves back. Moreover, anyone can effortlessly do this entire installation process in just a few seconds.

So, these rivet nuts can be used in various applications starting from race cars, a mast of a sailboat, golf carts, display cases, appliances, and many more.

After you have installed all these rivets, you can screw them with screwdrivers or even with bolts.

Why Do You Need to Install Your Rivets Without a Rivet Gun or even a tool?

The “blindness” quality of your rivet nuts means these can indeed be useful, but it can take you a lot of time, especially when you are fastening them on both sides.

So, instead of just going fastening on both sides, you can install it on one side, and that’s all. You can use these rivets for practical uses, for instance, when assembling trailers and trucks or making some structural repairs.

Although you would be needing rivet guns or other tools to fasten these rivets, in most cases, you might not have any, especially when you are doing DIY projects.

So, in such cases, you must know how to install rivets without a rivet gun or any other tools.

But how can we install rivets without using any advanced tools then? All these answers lie in the section below.

Installing Rivets Without a Rivet Gun or Any Other Advanced Tools

Usually, there are two kinds of rivets common in the market.

  • The plastic rivets
  • The solid rivets

So, here in this section, we’ll be looking at both types of rivet installation and how we can carry on with the installation process without using any advanced tools or rivet guns.

How to Install Plastic Rivets Without a Rivet Gun?

Plastic rivets are used in furniture, electronics, vehicles, and even toys. The best feature about these plastic rivets is they are pretty strong, and it isn’t easy to separate them.

So, to install these plastic rivets, you have to push them through the holes you want them to fasten. After that, push it hard so that the stem inside these rivets pop out from the top.

Then pull it out, and as you do that, the threads inside will get locked at the top of the rivet. As you keep pulling, the pin eventually breaks and gets tightened.

This is how simply you can install these plastic rivets without even the need for any rivet guns.

Although, I’ll recommend you use pliers to pull out the stem of the rivet as you might injure your hand while pulling it out.

How to Install Solid Rivets Without a Rivet Gun?

To install solid rivets without using any rivet gun, you’ll still require more than bare hands. You will even need a robust bolt that

  • has a nut of its own, and
  • can easily fit inside the rivet

So, after you have placed the rivet into the hole, now you have to thread it onto the loose nut and then put that bolt through the bushing or washer.

Keep the bolt inserting as far as it can go through. After that, manually screw the rivet until it perfectly fits inside. Finally, unscrew that bolt that was surrounding the rivet. So, now the pin should be fastened and well deformed.

Although this method might be pretty challenging to proceed with as steel rivets are pretty solid, installing without a proper tool can indeed be difficult.  

Bottom Line

Installing rivets without any advanced tools or rivet guns is possible, but it might be pretty challenging for you to carry out the installation process.

Yet, it’s possible to perfectly install your rivets without any rivet guns or advanced tools. All you gotta do is follow the procedures mentioned in the above sections.

I hope this article will help you to know how to install rivets without a rivet gun.

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