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Can I Use An LED Flashlight To Cure Gel Nails?

LED flashlights are one of the most common things in our everyday life. These kinds of lights can be seen in every household. Moreover, these lights are good at curing gel nails. You will be able to do this tricky job properly under LED lights. Curing means solidifying the polish in the hands.

It’s no secret that if your nails don’t get cured correctly, there’s a big chance the beauty of your hands will vanish. There are various ways to cure gel nails. However, LED flashlights have become one of the top-notch choices among beauty lovers. Here, we will discuss this topic. Let’s go –

Can I Use an LED Flashlight To Cure Gel Nails?

Are you tired of curing gel nails that caused problems for a long time? Ok, no need to worry anymore! We’re here for your help. Nowadays, most people want to skip Ultraviolet nail lamps. They aren’t perfect and cause a huge problem. On the other hand, LED lamps are pretty expensive. As a result, people prefer LED flashlights more.

Nevertheless, people have a perception that it is really possible to use an LED flashlight to cure gel nails? We’ll answer it.

Yes, it’s true that an LED lamp is the best bet. However, if it fails somehow halfway, you’ll be damned! LED light is capable of curing nail polish in a quite good manner. But, you can’t do it with every LED light. You need to know which LED light can do the job suitably.

You need at least 36 Watts of LED light to clear up your nails. Nowadays, many makeup salons and spas are also using LED lights to complete the task. The most mesmerizing trait of a LED light is that it’s a portable flashlight. You can carry it anywhere. But, it’s not a good idea at all!

The reason is a significant portion of LED flashlights use a blue LED emitting light. Due to the presence of the phosphor coating, this emitting light turns into various types of light. For this reason, the whole thing appears as white color. When you try to use it, you won’t understand the correct position.

On the other side, LED lamps works quite differently. There will be no presence of the phosphor coating in the LED lamp. For this reason, the light-emitting diodes are capable of targeting the photoinitiators in the gel nail polish. As a result, the curing method works smoothly.

Therefore, we recommend you always use LED lamps. It will provide you with the best service. It’s not a good thing to use the LED flashlight to cure gel nails. Use the right thing and properly cure nails.

Types of Flashlight that are used to cure gel nail polish

This is a very common question. What type of flashlights are used to cure gel nail polish? One thing we want to ensure you. LED lights that are used to cure gel nail polish are much different from usual LED lights. Hence, there’s a significant difference. Those flashlights are look-alike blacklights.

The light that comes out from LED light generally isn’t white. Instead, they are actually blue. We’ve already been told that due to the presence of phosphor coating, the light seems white-colored.

Another vital thing we want to add. If the nail polish claims that it can be cured with the presence of an LED light, but it doesn’t. Then, you have to understand that there’s a problem with the light itself, especially the phosphor coatings.

Phosphor Coatings

The phosphor turns the blue light in various color modes during its passing moment. Moreover, we all know that when a variety of colors mixes up, they seem to like white. The same thing applies here. Nevertheless, this also has a bigger impact on the wavelength of the light pouring out from the flashlight.

People suffer bad luck when using LED lights. Cheap LED lights often produce white light. But, things aren’t always the same. This is the reason it would be best if you use expensive LED lights. High-quality LED lights won’t give you such a bad memory. They can cure your gel nails in the correct method.

So, if you are on an adventure or have some kind of emergency needs, we would advise you to give a shot a high-expensive LED light.


Try to consider the light first when it comes to the matter of removing gel nail polish. Usually, the resin of the nail polish needs around 400 nm to remove the polish. But, it depends on the brand itself. Therefore, it will be a intelligent job if you go for renowned and expensive brands.

How to Use a LED Flashlight to Cure Gel Nails

It’s not an arduous task at all. You have to make sure that it emits enough flashlight. So that it can quickly gel the nails. Ensure that it contains around 400 nm of wavelength. Then, it can conveniently cure your nails. Just put the LED flashlight on the face of your nails and it will start to cure slowly and steadily.

Best Flashlight to Cure Gel Nails

Here, we are giving some examples and discussions about the best flashlight to cure gel nails.

Coolrunner 3pcs LED Flashlight

Coolrunner 3pcs LED Flashlight

9-LED Pack of 3 Flashlight is mainly known as a urine detector for cats and dogs. However, it is also great to cure gel nails. You will get a broader range of light with this one. It is highly superior during use in various outdoor activities like – hiking, adventuring, camping, etc. So, when you are in another place, you can use this device to cure gel nails.

It is a very effective device that can remove gel nails easily. It is also lightweight and compact. You can conveniently use it for curing gel nails. This little light works smoothly to remove the gel. Hence, it can cure the gel very effectively. This flashlight contains an incredible LED light.

Moreover, they are so strong and highly efficient. It can cure the nail so quickly. Be careful, because they will cause the gel on your nails to get hot. Anyway, overall, this is a superb product at a great price.

Everbrite Black Light, Uv Blacklight Flashlights

Everbrite Black Light, Uv Blacklight Flashlights

EverBrite 2 Pack is such a perfect product for curing gel nails. It is made with high-class materials like aluminum alloy. For this reason, it is sturdy and durable. The flashlight is thick, cool, and superb in a word. As it is lightweight and portable, you can carry it anywhere.

This light looks like a black light. Additionally, you can cure the gel nail quite easily with this product. These excellent small flashlights produce bright light and are helpful to cure gel nails quite fast.

The other way to cure nails

There are some other ways to cure nails. Here, we are giving the list of those ways –

Sunbath the nails

It’s no secret that UV rays are one of the best sources to cure nails. Fortunately, you can get it free of cost. The question is, how you can get it without spending money? Well, the supplier is none other than the sun! Sun is the biggest source of UV rays. It can give you an unlimited amount of UV.

But, it’s not an easy task to get UV rays from the sun. The reason is it can get emit excessive heat. Moreover, you have to keep enough energy to counter it. Another thing is the sun needs a long period to cure nails. So, keep this in your mind. But, if you think you can, then make a try.

Try to use spray

Do you have any idea about the power of your kitchen?! If not, then you should know it now! It is more potent than your nearest beauty salon! Yes, it’s true. Do you want to know how? Just use your cooking spray to cure your gel nail. You’ll see the result. Hence, it will take much lesser time than sunbath.

Take ice bath

Now, you have already gotten the knowledge about using cooking spray. It’s time to learn about ice baths. It is also a simple method. You just have to take some pieces of cold ice and keep them in clean water. After that, put your fingers on the water. After a time being, they will dry out the nail.

Can use oil

You might already have seen it. However, some people are still afraid of doing this method due to various reasons. No need for any skepticism. Just do it. Take some oil in a jar and cook it. Now, use that cooking oil on the gel nail and wait for a few minutes. After that, the final outcome can leave you speechless!

Nevertheless, wash the oil with soap when the paint leaves the nail.


Is it possible to use a UV flashlight to cure gel nails?

So, the LED flashlight isn’t working at all? Or, you aren’t willing to take risks. No worry. You can use a UV flashlight to cure gel nails. Therefore, you can give a try to UV flashlight. It can cure your nails much better than LED light. There’s an apparent reason behind this scenario.

As UV light doesn’t filter by phosphors, it is more proficient in curing gel nails, unlike LED light. Before using a UV light, you have to ensure a thing. The thing is that the UV light wavelength must be adequate to cure the gel nails. The wavelength needs to be at least 400-500 nm. If the amount isn’t sufficient enough, It could fail to cure gel nails.

A curing lamp needs around 350 nm to cure nail polish. Besides, almost all nail polish brands manufacture their product to keep this thing in mind. UV light needs a much higher amount. This is why you should go for a UV light that emits a wavelength of at least 400 nm. Otherwise, things could be backfired.

What happens if you skip curing gel polish?

One of the big reasons behind choosing gel polishing is its long-lasting attitude. Nowadays, people’s perception has changed. No one is interested to spend time on manicures. It’s painful and time-consuming. People now prefer to have gel polishes over regular polishes.

If you skip curing gel polish, there’s a big chance it will stay with a horrible look on your nail bed. Further, the oxygen in the air helps the gel molecules to remain free. As a result, the polish stays soft.

Furthermore, if you don’t cure gel polish, your nails will look ugly as well as it will decrease the durability of the manicure.

What can happen if I over cure my gel polish?

If you think that putting your nails on the highly heated LED light will quickly cure your gel polish, you’re living in a fool’s world. This is nothing but your wishful thinking. When you put your nails in excessive light, it will only damage your nails.

Over curing is never been a good or healthy thing for nails. It is harmful. Your nail could face high-level damage due to over curing. Additionally, the skin around the nails could face a harmful condition because of over curing the gel polish. Even, you will face challenges during the removal of over cured nails.

Is LED light safe for nails?

Many people have doubts about whether the LED light is safe for nails or not. LED light usually takes a long time to polish the nails. This is the reason the exposure to UV rays is higher. That’s why many researchers told us not to use the LED light frequently for nails.

Wrapping Up

So, after a brief discussion, what’s your take? Do you think that you can use an LED flashlight to cure gel nails? The truth is that it depends on the light and gel polish you use. There’s no shortcut answer to this. Various things depend on this. If you read the whole discussion thoroughly, you could understand it.

Do you have any opinions regarding the discussion? Feel free to comment in the box below. Thank you for staying with us!

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