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What Is An EDC Flashlight – Everything You Need To Know

When going out at night or in a place where you need extra or artificial lighting for your convenience, you are certainly in need of a flashlight. And at that exact moment or situation, what comes in handy is the brightest EDC flashlight. But what is an EDC flashlight?

An EDC flashlight is often referred to as an “Everyday Carry” flashlight. A flashlight that can be carried around effortlessly for everyday use purposes is called an EDC flashlight.

There are some specific features that make an EDC flashlight distinctive from others. These features include lightweight, compact, easily portable, durability, etc. However, let’s take a look at the following explanation which will provide a more vivid idea about the EDC flashlight.

What is an EDC Flashlight?

An EDC flashlight stands for “Everyday Carry” flashlight which is made or created for the purpose of everyday use. Here everyday use refers to the purposes or situations where an artificial or extra light source is needed in one’s day-to-day work.

An EDC flashlight is different from a tactical flashlight. An EDC flashlight’s lumen is about 1000 whereas a tactical flashlight has a lumen of about 3000( Lumen is the measurement of brightness). But an EDC flashlight is brighter than the torchlight of an i-phone whose lumen range is from 12 to 50.

Key Features of an EDC Flashlight.

There are some key features of an EDC flashlight that make it distinctive from the other kind of flashlights. The key features are being explained below:

  • The main key feature of an EDC flashlight is that it is lightweight. This is considered as one of the key features because this flashlight is used for everyday purposes and is carried everywhere.
  • Another key feature is its Compactness or in other words, its size compressed. This means that even if it’s small in size, it has all the qualities that a tactical flashlight possesses.
  • An EDC flashlight has enough functionality. It can be used for various purposes by the carrier and in different situations.
  • An EDC flashlight or Everyday carry flashlight has to be of small size so that the owner or carrier can carry the EDC flashlight effortlessly.
  • Sometimes, a USB port system is attached to an EDC flashlight so that the flashlight can be recharged.
  • An EDC flashlight comes with various light mods. One can change the light mod from low to medium to high brightness and vice-versa.
  • In Spite of being small in size, an EDC flashlight comes with different and attractive designs which go with the everyday lifestyle of the carrier.

Why Do You Need an EDC Flashlight?

In our everyday life, there comes various situations where we need a flashlight that can meet up our expectations. At those times we can consider having an EDC flashlight. Mentioned below are the reasons why we should consider having an EDC flashlight among the other available ones in the market:

Easily Portable

One of the main benefits of An EDC flashlight is that it is easily portable. It can be carried around effortlessly and conveniently. This feature alone is enough to choose it for the “Everyday Carry” purpose.


An EDC flashlight is capable of providing 1000 lumen worth of brightness which is almost 50 times higher and brighter than the usual android phones’ or i-phones’ torch. The lowest lumen of phones’ torch is 12 and the highest is 50.

Long-Lasting Brightness

Most often, it is seen that the brightness of smaller torchlights or flashlights goes at a “dim” level with the longer period of use. But in the case of the brightest EDC flashlights, the brightness is comparatively long lasting.

Durable Builds

The EDC flashlights are of durable builds which means that these flat EDC flashlights are most often waterproof, fireproof, and in addition crushproof.


The EDC flashlights are affordable enough for the carrier to choose these for their everyday use. An average EDC flashlight’s price ranges from $15 to $200.

When Should You Use an EDC Flashlight?

Below are some situations where a person is in urgent need of an EDC or Everyday carry flashlights:


In some areas, frequent blackouts are being seen and the emergency work or tasks are being stuck for lack of lighting. In such situations, An EDC flashlight can come in handy.

Restricted Area

Sometimes, one needs to go to some restricted areas. Often, the restricted areas are lit dimly or in such a way that extra light is needed. This also is a scenario where an EDC light is useful.

Dim lit paths

Often the street lights become dim with the passage of time and the passerby tends to stumble while crossing the paths or roads. An EDC flashlight can be beneficial in those situations.


A dimly lit path or roadway, a restricted area always gives rise to crimes like snatching or eve-teasing which requires self-defense. The women or other passersby should own an EDC flashlight for self-defense purposes while going through those particular areas or roads.


Still got some questions? Check out the section below.

What does EDC stand for in flashlights?

There are various types of flashlights available for different kinds of usage. Among them, the name EDC flashlights are often heard. In an EDC flashlight, EDC stands for “Everyday Carry” flashlights. These are carried around effortlessly for everyday use purposes.

What is a good EDC flashlight?

A good EDC flashlight owns the key and basic features like lightweight are smaller in size, is capable of providing 1000 lumen of brightness which is 50 times higher than the phones’ torch lights. A good EDC flashlight also comes from reputable companies like Acebeam, AstrolLux, Fenix, Imalent, etc.

Do you need a flashlight for EDC?

If you have to pass through a road that is restricted or dimly lit often, then you are obviously in need of a flashlight for EDC or Everyday carry. You will also be able to use the EDC flashlight in times of power outage or in roadside emergencies where extra light is needed.

Time to Wrap Up

Each and every day, we come across situations when we need flashlights to guide our dimly lit path with the brightest lights and the brightest EDC flashlights become our savior at that exact moment.

There are a lot of reasons explained above as to why we need the brightest EDC flashlights and also many credentials why we should choose flat EDC flashlights among the other flashlights available in the market.

Whatever the reason or however the situation, carrying an EDC flashlight will always be helpful and beneficial for you. So, even if you are not in need of a flashlight right now, it would be wise of you to own a lightweight and brightest EDC flashlight.

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