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Why Is A Flashlight Important In An Emergency Kit And How To Choose?

Do you have any idea why a flashlight is important in an emergency kit?  Emergency kits are the most important things that people prepare for using any unwanted situations. Some may never face any emergency, so they do not know about the items for a kit.

For everyone, it is essential to know what are the essential items of an emergency kit. Among those items, a flashlight is also very important. But many people do not consider a flashlight as an essential item for an emergency kit.

Today, we will let you know what a flashlight is, its use, and which flashlight is good for an emergency kit. Let’s see why it is important to have a flashlight in an emergency kit.

Why Is A Flashlight Important In An Emergency Kit?

If you did not face any emergencies, you might not know much about an emergency kit. There are many items included in an emergency kit.

A flashlight is as important as a medical kit. To know why a flashlight is so important in an emergency kit, you have to know what a survival flashlight is and its uses.

What Are The Use Of A Flashlight In An Emergency Kit?

Among the most important items, a flashlight must be number one on the list. If you go camping, hiking, or even staying at home, you may need to use a flashlight when other lights are not available.

The most important use of a flashlight is illuminating the darkness while you are staying indoors or outdoors. People who love camping in the wild always need a flashlight in their emergency pack. It helps them to walk, find their ways even in the darkest night through the trees and see around them.

Moreover, while you are in any trouble, a bright light source like a flashlight can become a source of communication between you and the rescuer. It helps you to give a signal to the rescuer by flashing a light beam. When the rescuer can see the light of the flashlight, it will be easy for them to rescue you.

If you do not have a flashlight, it will be very difficult for you to communicate and get help. You can also use it for rescue purposes to find other people.

In addition to that, many animals are afraid of lights. You can use the flashlight to scare the wild animals and keep them away to stay safe. For this, you need to choose a good quality, long-lasting flashlight.

On the other hand, If you are at home during any disaster, you may face a loss of power in the entire city. In this situation, a flashlight is better than using a flammable light source of light like candles. If you have a flashlight, it will solve half of your problems.

Using candles in an emergency can increase your problem by getting flame to the gas leak or coming in contact with any flammable things. But using a flashlight will give you a good source of light for a long time that a candle can not give you.

What Is A Survival Flashlight?

A survival flashlight is not a regular flashlight. It is a type of flashlight that people keep in their homes or emergency kits to be used in an emergency. Survival flashlights are usually small, handy, more durable, have long battery life, and have many other features.

During a storm or other emergency, the power may be gone and not returned for several days. If you have a survival flashlight, it will help you to illuminate your surroundings and see even in the darkest night.

If you have enough battery supply with a flashlight, it will give you the light until the power returns. So it is an essential part of an emergency kit to survive in any situation.

How To Choose A Flashlight?

You need to consider some factors while choosing a flashlight for an emergency kit. Brightness is the most important factor to consider when selecting a flashlight. The others are the size of the flashlight, the power source, durability, water resistance, and price.

Let’s discuss the factors in detail for you to choose the right flashlight according to your need.

Light Output/ Brightness

To know the brightness or light output of the flashlight, people usually look for the lumens. It is the way of calculating the power of the light.

For a survival flashlight, the recommended lumen ranges from 50-150. If you want a brighter flashlight, that will cost you less battery life. The light output is related to the battery life. The more, the brighter light, the less your battery will last.

The Power Source Of An Emergency Flashlight

The power source is the other factor to consider when buying a flashlight for your emergency survival kit. There are different kinds of power sources used in flashlights. They are a rechargeable battery, primary battery, or a Hand-Cranked Survival Flashlight.

  • Primary Batteries

You can have a flashlight that uses a primary battery as a source of power. You should choose the lithium-ion primary battery for your flashlight. They are longer-lasting than alkaline batteries.

Using a primary battery and having enough battery in-store will support if the electricity does not come for a long time. But the disadvantage of this battery is it has to be thrown away once they are out of charge.

  • Rechargeable Batteries

If you want to choose a rechargeable, it is a very good idea. A rechargeable battery has two different types of batteries: Lithium-ion battery and nickel-ion battery. Lithium-ion batteries are long-lasting and have a longer shelf-life than nickel-ion batteries.

On the other hand, nickel-ion batteries are more popular as they have a shape like primary batteries and are easy to find than a lithium-ion battery.

  • Hand Crank

These types of flashlights do not need any batteries to operate. They are powered by a hand crank. To use this, you do not have to recharge it or replace any batteries.

Hand-cranked flashlights need to crank to get light. It will give you the surety of having light in a power outage for a long time.

Flashlight size

There are several sizes of flashlights. You can choose a preferable size of a flashlight depending on its use. If you want a light you need to carry every day, it is better to choose a small one. For the emergency kit, choosing a small one is best so that you can carry it easily.


For an emergency kit, a flashlight needs to be durable. The durability of a flashlight depends on the material it is made of. The common building materials of flashlights are plastic material, stainless steel, titanium, anodized aluminum.

Anodized aluminum is a lightweight, durable material that you can get at an affordable price. It is the popular building material for a flashlight due to its corrosion resistance.

Water Resistance

The feature a flashlight should have is water resistance. If you buy a water-resistant flashlight, you will be able to use it even in the rain. There are three grades of water resistance IPX4, IPX7, IPX8. For an emergency kit, you at least have to choose an IPX7 flashlight.

Recommended Flashlight Model: Thrunite Handheld Flashlight

Thrunite is one of the best flashlights in the market. The light’s compact size is 140mm X 25.4mm and weighs only 80g without a battery. So, it is easy to carry wherever you need it in your pocket.

It has a Dual-button design that prevents it from turning on accidentally. The side switch turns it on, and the tail switch turns the light momentarily by pressing it halfway.

The super bright LED lights of 1100 lumens at Strobe mode make it suitable as a survival flashlight. That can be used to give a signal to the rescuer. Firefly mode allows it to use both as a tactical or normal flashlight.

This flashlight is anodized aluminum made, which gives it greater durability. On the other hand, this light is IPX8 waterproof that allows it to be used in the rain too.

All its features make it the overall perfect choice for an emergency kit to go camping and hiking outdoors.


If you plan to build an emergency kit, it is very important to include a survival flashlight. Here we have described the importance of a flashlight and the necessary factors you need to consider when choosing one.

When people come to know that a flashlight is an essential item for an emergency kit, they will ask why is a flashlight important in an emergency kit? After reading the above article, you have to find the answer to that question.

So now, if you have realized the importance of a flashlight. Then go and buy a flashlight for a proper emergency kit.

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